Sovan Mandal

2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350: Start Up, Exhaust, Walkaround and Review

Ford Stopps Selling The Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R Till They Have Sorted Out Oul-Cooler Defect

Ford hasn't stated when they will resume sales of the Mustangs though the repair of the affected cars will likely stretch to March. more

Tesla Model 3 Electric Car

Tesla Reported A Surprise $22 Million In Profits In Q3

Tesla stated it is confident its Q4 showing will be just as impressive as it progresses with its plans to produce the Model 3 in sizeable numbers. more

Toyota Corolla at the North American International Auto Show

Toyota Said It Is Recalling 5.2 Million Vehicles Due To Defective Takata Airbags

Toyota said it is issuing a fresh recall in Japan, China and Europe to fix suspected Takata airbags, which run the risk to exploding. more

2017 Nissan Note e-Power

Nissan Launches 2017 Note e-Power Hybrid In Japan

Nissan has launched the new 2017 Note e-hybrid in Japan with the production of the car already having commenced at its Oppama factory in Japan. more


Seat's Green Car Project Is Experimenting With Biomethane Fuel Derived From Human Poop

Seat is claiming biomethane derived from sewage can be used as a CNG replacement and can cut tailpipe emissions by up to 80 percent. more


Atieva Gets Renamed To Lucid Motors, Vows To Launch Sedan That Redefines Luxury Driving

Designed by former Model S chief engineer, the new Atvus sedan will be gunning for the Tesla sedan while premising to redefine the very concept of luxury driving. more

Jaguar Land Rover, Tata and Ford

JLR, Ford And Tata Motors Are Validating A Host Of Autonomous And Connected Car Tech, Aiming For Commercial Launch Around 2018

JLR has stated they are aiming for driving autonomy over the widest possible driving scenario, which includes off-road driving as well. more

Tesla Model 3 Electric Car

How A Tesla Masterstroke Made The Model 3 Stand Out From The Competition

With competitors still struggling to hit the sweet spot with just the right EV, Tesla has gone several steps ahead by offering Level 5 autonomy complying self-driving system on the Model 3. more

US Grand Prix 2016

Taylor Swift Releases 'At Rehearsals' Video Sneak Peek Of Her Grand Prix Concert On Instagram

Taylor Swift will be performing at the Austin Grand Prix which happens to be her only show for 2016, making here appearance all the more special. more

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3: Will The Final Production Models Be Costlier?

It remains to be seen how the cost associated with the two autonomous driving modes will be accommodated for those buying the more affordable Model 3 given the price sensitive segment it is pitched in. more

2016 Chevy Bolt

Chevrolet Likely To Produce Around 30k Bolt EVs Next Year

LG Chem that will be supplying the Bolt's battery pack along with several other components has claimed there is going to be around 30,000 of the Bolts manufactured next year. more

Faraday Future

Come CES And Faraday Future Would Be Launching Its First Production Prototypes

With the body camouflage extending to the wheels as well, it remains to be seen if there could be some innovation lurking there as well. more


Uber Is Deploying Drones To Display Ads To Motorists During Traffic Jams In Mexico

Uber has hit upon a unique advertising method using drones that hover over motorists caught in traffic jams in Mexico. more

Mercedes F 015 Self Driving Car

For Mercedes-Benz Self-Driving Cars, Occupant's Safety Is A Bigger Concern Than That Of The Pedestrian

Mercedes-Benz Self-Driving Cars might end up harming a pedestrian if it ever comes to that but won't let its occupants come into harm's way. more

2012 Fisker Karma

Henrik Fisker New Battery Using Graphene Supercapacitor Will Allow For far Greater Range Than Tesla

Henrik Fisker new battery will enable creation of new car that will take on the top-end Model S while another model aimed at the mass market will take on the likes of the Bolt or Model 3. more

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