Droids on Four Wheels coming soon with a Recently Developed 5G Communication Module

Droids on Four Wheels coming soon with a Recently Developed 5G Communication Module

Tech giants are racing to get a lead in creating specific hardware for the upcoming 5G internet. The recent development of Qualcomm chips that will integrate 5G into a connected automotive network that will spawn a multitude of apps. Bridging the technology will need an advanced communication module that will help in linking up cloud computing and other relevant tech. One of these firms is LG Innotek that recently introduce their own proprietary 5G communication module that will be installed in vehicles soon. more

High Tech Safety features still need Tuning Up!

High Tech Safety features like AEB still need Tuning Up!

Cars are full of the most advanced High-tech safety features and suites that have been installed. Even entry-level cars are equipped with gizmos that weren’t installed way back! Having Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) in cars now should make them safer than ever. The point of loading up and installing all these gizmos, plus the premium that is paid to ensure 100% safety. more

How Tesla Solved the Self-Driving Crash Ethical Dilemma

Tesla May Have Solved the Self-Driving Crash Ethical Dilemma

How Tesla may have solved the self-driving crash dilemma. More details here. more

Tesla Car Dealership

Tesla Rolls out Autopilot Update for 1,000 Cars

The update will be available for Hardware 2 users. more

Tesla Autopilot

Tesla Did Not ‘Predict’ The Crash, Here's Why

People are in awe on how the Tesla Model S 'predicted' the car crash but there are logical factors on why it happened and it could have been a different story if the weather wasn't clear. more

Tesla's Upgraded Autopilot Feature To Come Out This December

Tesla's Upgraded Autopilot To Launch This December [VIDEO]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that the latest autopilot upgrade will roll out in mid-December. more

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3: Will The Final Production Models Be Costlier?

It remains to be seen how the cost associated with the two autonomous driving modes will be accommodated for those buying the more affordable Model 3 given the price sensitive segment it is pitched in. more

Tesla Roadster

What Happens When You Ignore Tesla's Autopiliot Warning?

Has the autopilot mode become safer? Indeed, it has. Tesla in its new 8.0 update to its autopilot mode answers several security questions. more

Telsa CEO Elon Musk Unveils New Vehicle

Model S Hacked: Tesla Addresses Security Loopholes Chinese Firm Discovered

Tesla addressed the issue regarding The Keen Security team at Chinese company Tencent hacked the brake system while it was in driving mode. more

Tesla Model S

Role Of Autopilot Uncertain In The Latest Model S Crash Reported In Norway

Authorities or Tesla are yet to conclude if the Model S that crahed on a highway in Norway is the result of an erring Autopilot system that has failed to detect a stationary object. more

Tesla Model S In New Flagship Store In San Francisco

Chinese Company Hacks Tesla Model S: Autopilot Proven Faulty?

The Keen Security team at Chinese company Tencent was able to hack one of Tesla Model S units. They can infiltrate the car whether it is on parking or driving mode. more

Tesla Update v7.0 Enables Self-driving Test In China

Tesla San Antonio Showroom Finally Opening? Details Here

Tesla has been trying to open up a showroom in San Antonio twice. The car company might be successful this time because they are well-prepared. They filed a permit with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for a $250,000 renovation project. more

Investigation Continues Into Tesla Driver's Death While In Autopilot Mode

Is Autopilot to Blame in the Death of Chinese Tesla Driver?

Tesla came under scrutiny once again when new details about the Model S car crash in China resurfaced on a Chinnese media, CCTN, report on Wednesday. more

Investigation Continues Into Tesla Driver's Death While In Autopilot Mode

Tesla Radar Update is the Company's Most Important Security Patch to Date

CEO Elon Musk promised a stronger and more solid Autopilot than he said could reduce car accidents by more than half its current rate. more

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Netherlands Crash Update: Battery Flies Out of Vehicle; Autopilot to Blame Again?

Another Tesla Model S crashed into a tree located in the Netherlands. According to several sources, the battery flew out of the vehicle and Autopilot might be the culprit. more

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