High Tech Safety features like AEB still need Tuning Up!

Oct 15, 2019 10:23 PM EDT | Staff Reporter

Cars are full of the most advanced High-tech safety features and suites that have been installed. Even entry-level cars are equipped with gizmos that weren't installed way back! Having Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) in cars now should make them safer than ever. The point of loading up and installing all these gizmos, plus the premium that is paid to ensure 100% safety. 

There should be fewer accidents with them. But, it seems all the safety tech needs tuning up! Which leads some to question, if they are working at all? To find out test these safety features, the (AAA) decided to carry out objective tests on these systems.

How safe are you crossing the road?

One assumption about Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) is that it will work in most circumstances. It does not deploy properly, and the system did not prevent the car from hitting pedestrians. Exchanging dummies between a child and adult-sized dummies indicating the AEB failed. A recorded 60% collision rate was reached and it was in the day too! AEB was tested in the evening. It yielded an 89% chance of hitting the pedestrian again. A greater chance of not detecting the person in front at night is a great possibility. 

Can advanced car safety features deal with all situations?

 The most expectation is that technology like AEB will be very useful in most situations. A high rate of failure to avoid pedestrians only proved to be a big letdown! Something that wasn't foreseen and this is a premium safety feature. In the US, this expected to be installed in all cars but the performance revealed glitches in this expensive feature!

Is driving with an autopilot foolproof?

 Another possible concern with AEB is whether the same results will be duplicated in cars with Autopilot and driver assist. Based on the findings, the likelihood of collision is great. There are instances that Teslas collided with the car in front. The AEB did not work well

Too many expectations for recent advancement of safety features like AEB

 Deploying AEB in cars has some success despite the dismal failure in tests done by the American Automobile Association (AAA). Failure can come from many factors, but developing them has helped add a degree of safety too.

Having these high-tech safety features is all about assisting the driver automatically or warn him, in case of extreme emergency. But these inclusions in the car's systems have done their share of accident prevention. The development of Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) is one of the most important features to be developed.

Just remember that it may work or not work as planned because of many factors. It isn't enough but the technology is under more development to deploy them better.

 Tuning up every safety feature is important, though relying on them to minimize accidents is not viable yet. Until cars have a certain degree of advanced sensors and improved autonomous electronic senses, expect errors and problems to follow.

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