Tesla San Antonio Showroom Finally Opening? Details Here

Sep 19, 2016 05:52 AM EDT | Eve C.

Tesla has been trying to open up a showroom in San Antonio twice. But despite the failure, the company is still eager to open its branch in the area for the third time.

The car company might be successful this time because they have been well-prepared. They filed a permit with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for a $250,000 renovation project.

The renovation includes transforming the former cyber-security company that measures around 12,000 square foot lot in at 23011 W Interstate 10 into an exquisite showroom.

The permit stated that the project will start on Nov. 1 and will last for a month. According to Teslarati, the development ranges from plumbing to electrical upgrades.

In other news, Seeking Alpha reported that there is another incident involving Autopilot in China. The crash happened in January, but it has only been brought up to the media lately.

The family of the unidentified Chinese victim stated that the Autopilot was on when the accident occurred. Notably, Tesla has been marketing their vehicles in the Asian country as fully autonomous.

The issue has been brought to the headlines after the family decided to file a lawsuit. As per the website, Tesla has been keeping this information away from the public.

The updates about the surfaced issue are yet to be unveiled soon. So far, Tesla has been the center of media attention after the Florida incident, in which the Autopilot was involved as well.

According to a previous report, the 45-year old driver Joshua Brown died after his Tesla Model S crashed underneath a truck. The investigators allegedly believe that the system was not able to determine the incoming truck, resulting in the accident.

As per Electrek, the Autopilot installed on the car was not able to detect the truck which leads to the tragedy. Despite the fact that the Autopilot consists of a camera, a radar, and a few ultrasonic sensors, its front-facing radar did not catch the incoming 18-wheeler. 

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