Tesla Radar Update is the Company's Most Important Security Patch to Date

Sep 12, 2016 05:38 AM EDT | Anne Khristine Coleman


The guys from Tesla Motors' Autopilot technology have made a move to upgrade its vehicles' radar function following a crash reported months back. Tesla CEO Elon Musk the upgraded version will be released anytime soon.

Musk promised a stronger and more solid Autopilot than he said could reduce car accidents by more than half its current rate. This would mean that the Model S and Model X would be considered safe as it could possibly be, according to Car and Driver.

"I wish we could have done it earlier, but perfect is the enemy of good," Musk said. 

The good news is confirmed by a report in Tesla, naming it the company's most important upgrade it had by far. Upgrades include a more advanced signal processing, which is made possible by its radar.

It can be recalled that last 2014, Tesla vehicles were equipped with the radar in its Autopilot feature, to support the camera and image processor. This means no more sole camera reliance when backing up the car.

Drivers can now also get support from the built-in sensor. However, the Autopilot system is not designed to control any parts of the car, most importantly the brakes.

"It's really about improving the probability of safety. There won't ever be zero fatalities," Musk stated. 

Emphasizing the reality check, Musk added that the primary benefit vehicle owners will get from the upgrade would be the vehicles' ability to detect any objects around it; the closest a driver can get to a clear vision around the car area. The radar will work no matter what weather or light conditions the car may be in during its roll on the driveway, which can help decrease false car alarms and alleviate speed, which is actually some of the most common reasons behind car crashes nowadays.

The interview concluded with Musk empathically saying that the recent improvements they have in their company's technology would have helped in averting the last car crash which caused the death of Joshua Brown last May 7. He was reported to be in Autopilot feature mode when the accident occurred.

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