Tesla Rolls out Autopilot Update for 1,000 Cars

Jan 02, 2017 07:41 AM EST | Danica Esguerra

Every car owner's dream is to have a car that can move on its own. Fortunately, Tesla Motors announced that they'll be updating their latest models with the autopilot feature.

According to BusinessInsider, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk announced via Twitter that Tesla will be rolling out the Enhanced Autopilot system before 2017 ends. The company will be sending updates to some of their existing vehicles soon. The "Autopilot 1" will be responsible for bringing out the capability of "self-driving" to Tesla Motors' products. This could be a ground-breaking move for the company and may help boost their company sales. According to Tesla, those vehicles who have the "Hardware 2" suite inside will be receiving an update for the autopilot feature.

Since the upgrade will only be available to one thousand cars in the meantime, Tesla assures its customers that they'll be rolling out updates throughout 2017 to accommodate the Enhanced Autopilot feature. This may also let the company test out their new feature and check if there will be a percentage of accidents when the vehicle is in autopilot mode.The OTA or over-the-air update will upgrade the autonomous driving system of Tesla vehicles which will benefit the Enhanced Autopilot feature.

Once the Enhance Autopilot feature is out, will hit the company's target goal of having an autonomous ride-sharing service. Meaning, all of Tesla's vehicles will be able to go on "autopilot" when being used for driving. But with the autopilot feature comes the scrapping out of some of the safety features. In order to accommodate the autopilot feature, Telsa has to forgo some of the safety features such as emergency braking, collision warning, and active cruise control.

Ever since 2014, Tesla makes it a point to have the autopilot feature inside their newly released cars in preparation for the company's goal. It helped the company by gathering data from those vehicles with autopilot feature for the research.

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