Never Buy These Expensive SUVs That Are Not Made to Last

Dec 21, 2019 02:45 AM EST | Staff Reporter

Never Buy These Expensive SUVs That Are Not Made to Last
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Avoid buying these expensive SUVS because they have too many problems.

For car buyers, the top seller for them are SUVS that are very expensive, to say the least, and they are bought like hotcakes. One thing, though, is the high price tag paid for owning a luxury SUV and doubling as the family steed too. For some owners, this can be very rewarding, but there is a dark side to them.

 Not everyone has glowing remarks about their lux SUV because some are lemons that cost them a lot. It is not true that all SUV brought home are all without a problem, if it did happen, then it will not be pleasant at all. One way to avoid this disappointing that often plague expensive SUVS. Whether made in America, or other places it is the same thing, it spells trouble.

Here are some specific luxury SUVS to avoid, with issues that plague owners throughout their service life. Despite, the raves these cars get that is not enough, so here are specific examples to steer away from.

 1. 2019 Tesla Model X ($138,000)

 For car buyers wanting e-SUV, this would be good, but there is a catch-22. To be fair, this one advance car, the tech is prone to problems affected by the overall performance of the unit. There is an option of repairing it, but it can be a dicey choice for the owner when it comes to safety issues.

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2. 2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class ($97,800)

 Consumers love Benz for its German engineering, and this should have been it. But, reports of failures in over-all build quality happens when used for other than city driving. Most who want high-lux SUVS will be disappointed with discrepancies that are less than desirable. Built strong, but it is not despite the sales brochure, keep away and be happy without it.

3. 2020 Lincoln Navigator ($99,970)

 Buy this large SUV and own it with complaints of an under-performing engine, that will be a problem for big cars. One report from, mentioned some steering problems which is not pleasant for owners of this lux SUV. Other problems can be managed, with repairs but engine problems are like having a terminal patient, that costs to cure and it is a no go.

4. 2020 Cadillac Escalade ($98,295)

 This SUV is American all the way but for the price tag anyone pays for this high-ticket SUV, there are problems with it. Car and Driver made note of the engine problems and steering that just got worse, it was a waste of good lux SUV to have these complaints. So, buyers beware if the good look that covers up the bad performance.

 5. 2019 Land Rover Range Rover Sport ($114,500)

 Owners of this super-premium SUV will pay a lot, but this SUV will not hit all the checkpoints. For some, the badge will dispel any doubts and no problem with the huge tag price. Wait down the line with prevalent engine problems and recalls for it, just made it worse for their owners. Car and Driver recommend staying away from it and getting another brand.

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