iPhone Edition: The New Official Name Of iPhone 8 That Had Tons Of Leaked Information For Users To Know About

Mar 17, 2017 05:20 AM EDT | Paula

For its tenth anniversary, Apple launched its new iPhone 8 that will be called iPhone Edition. Due to the smartphone's popularity, there has been many leaked information regarding the new Apple product.

The trusted phone company had already created different prototypes of the phone that were given to some employees to be tested. Apple is notorious for giving out free iPhones to be tested to their departments, helping them identify employees who leaked information about their devices.

 Apple is planning to release three different versions of iPhone Edition. It will reportedly have a distinct new design, OLED screen and no home button, reported News.

It is important to note that the OLED screen will not be similar to Samsung Galaxy's Edge, which was just created for a better look and allows users to experience a screen literally on the edge. As for Apple, they opted for a more subtle design different from its competitor.

This is probably because it became a challenge for Apple to curve their screen glass the way Samsung Galaxy does. Apparently, iPhone Edition can only be curved below 2.5D cover glass, according to Forbes.

Unlike the Samsung phone, the new 5.2-inch iPhone will just be flat across the front of the smartphone. The curve can be found on the right and left edges of the iPhone Edition.

Before sticking to this design, Apple tested different prototypes based on flexible substrates that they have. This may come as a disappointment to iPhone users for an edgier iPhone but there are a lot of advantage with having this phone design.

Curved phones may look nice but it puts the user interface to the side, creating numerous accidental touches. Users of this phone actually find it hard to type using one hand.

Even Samsung is remedying this, there are leak photos that showed that new Galaxy 8 will have reduced curves. This is the answer of Apple's competitor to the problems found on their phone.

However, there is still hope for users who are dreaming of a better iPhone Edition. They might still find ways to create an iPhone that has curved glass but without the kinks that come with it. The new iPhone is set to be released next year.

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