‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ Updates: What Game Players Wish To Happen In The Game

Mar 16, 2017 07:25 AM EDT | Paula

"Grand Theft Auto" remains to be one of the most famous open-world RPG of today. Now that game developer Rockstar will be releasing "Grand Theft Auto VI," players are expecting a couple of changes within the upcoming game.

Better Female Protagonist. If there is one thing that the previous versions of the game lack, it is a women's portrayal in the game. According to Trusted Reviewers, the game is bombarded with a strong male protagonist like Franklin, Trevor, Michael, Niko and Carl Johnson but there are no strong lead female characters on the game. Game players believe that it is about time that Rockstar create a strong female lead.

Virtual Reality. There are tons of ways to play "Grand Theft Auto VI." Sadly, players can't actively participate in this game because they are limited to their own devices. Luckily, players can now actively participate with the help of Virtual Reality. The game's official website revealed that it is possible to play the game virtually on a PlayStation, through a VR support.

A New City. Game players wouldn't mind experiencing a brand new city to play the game. So far, the game was set in Vice City, Liberty City and San Andreas. The game also went as far as London and Alderney.

Actually, players are looking forward to exploring new cities. They are even suggesting new places like Chicago, Philadelphia, New Orleans and Washington DC.

More Realistic Approach. Avid players of the game would actually love it if the game becomes more realistic. Apparently, Rockstar has heard that plea and they are adding more realistic features into the game.

"Grand Theft Auto VI" allows players to destroy more walls and explode more buildings using an airplane. That's not all of it, the game also allows gamers to see the places they destroyed rebuilt, construction workers and all.

A PC Release. If there is one final plea from gamers, it is their need to play the game on their own computers. They are actually lobbying for it to be released the same time as its console release.

"Grand Theft Auto VI" may be available on PS4 and Xbox One in 2020. Game players would probably have to wait until 2021 for its PC version.

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