OnePlus 4's Official Name Is OnePlus 5? Release Date Might Be Earlier Than Expected

Mar 14, 2017 07:09 AM EDT | Paula

OnePlus 4, Apple and Samsung's new rival, may be launched ahead of schedule after an image was leaked on Twitter. To avoid bad luck, the new mobile phone change its name to OnePlus 5.

The mobile phone's Chinese creators were reportedly able to stand out because of their ability to offer high-end hardware that can be bought at a cheaper price. OnePlus is not even underselling, the company was able to create great phones that are somewhat similar to high-end cellular devices.

According to Techradar, the creators are just staying true to their belief of never settling. This is evident on their previous creation the OnePlus 3T that has a 6GB RAM and a high-end spec, available for $439.

Even though like most phones, the device is susceptible to some errors. Users would have to wait for the official release of OnePlus 4 to know the improvements that the creators made on the phone.

There are also debates regarding the name of the phone, there seemed to be speculations that the OnePlus4 will be called OnePlus 5. However as luck would have it, the number 4 is an unlucky number in China because it is associated with the demise and the decrease. Therefore, giving a higher chance for the new model to be called OnePlus 5.

If they do have a product name change, they will not be the first Chinese-owned corporation to do so. It can be remembered that Cannon went straight from G3 to G5 in their PowerShot G-Series.

According to Tapscape, OnePlus 4 release date will be around June or May this year but there have been new leaked announcements that it will be released earlier. Actually, this is bringing confusion among devoted users and enthusiasts of the brand.

Nevertheless, this is nothing new to OnePlus who never had a regular pattern of release dates. Don't expect them to be like Apple and Samsung, that has annual fixed dates of announcements.

As avid Apple Users know, the new iPhone models are going to be announced on September 7 and will be released after a couple of weeks upon announcement. As for Samsung, it always launches its new models at the annual Mobile World Congress.

To date, the smartphone company has not yet released an official date on when OnePlus 4 will be released. It also remains to be seen if the company will change the name of the new smartphone to OnePlus 5.

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