‘Nier: Automata:’ Six Tips In Surviving One Of The Most Insane Games Of 2017

Mar 11, 2017 11:32 AM EST | Paula


 "Nier: Automata" is creating a lot of buzz this year because of its chose your own adventure storyline that leads to different endings. In playing the game, players were given tips on how to successfully play it.

Challenge Once Self. The first tip is to work on once ability while playing the game. Once a player becomes experienced, it is important to try on a difficult level. This hones the abilities of players and gives players a good challenge.

Set Health Options Into The D-Pad. According to God Geek, there are a lot of items in the menu, looking at all of them can take a lot of time. It is important that a player learns how to set health options, allowing players to continue fighting their foes on the screen. Doing this, allows users to use the health options without pausing the game.

Master Using The D-Pad. Knowing how to use the D-pad allows users to use the menu without any problem. It allows users to save time looking through the different menus and prevents users from breaking immersions and pausing the game.

Turn On The Network Features. This is probably the most important tip on "Nier: Automata." It is important for users to know that that the online features of the game are off.

Turning on the online features allows healing to users who were wounded during battles. It also allows users to get allies and loots from other users.

Don't Hesitate To Shoot. A tip to every player when cornered by an enemy just keep shooting. Pressing L2 allows users to lock on an enemy and hit without missing. On the other hand, holding R2 allows users to constantly bullet down enemies.

Always Remember That "Nier: Automata" Has Different Endings. According to Game Revolution, the game actually has 26 different endings. However, there are only three main playthroughs to the game. Like every other game, these playthroughs can easily be saved at a certain point.

This is actually a game for gamers who are not interested in multiple playthroughs. "Nier: Automata" enthralls gamers into its amazing storyline and challenges them to achieve different game endings, similar to a chose your own adventure book.

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