BMW i3 VS Chevy Bolt: Which Car Offers A Better EV Package For The Money

Mar 14, 2017 07:40 AM EDT | Joyce Vega

BMW i3 has been fending off competitors since its birth. Now with Chevy Bolt on the horizon, that is all about to change. So how do these two cars compare to each other?

As previously reported by Auto World News, the most important features of any electric vehicle are its cost and its range. These factors show the biggest difference between the I3 and the Bolt. BMW i3 comes with a 22kWh battery pack standard, and a 33kWh optional battery pack. Both battery packs have 96 cells, but the 33kWh has more energy dense cells than the 22kWh one. The EPA rating of the 22kWh model is 80 miles, and the rating on the 33kWh model is 114 miles. On the other hand, Chevrolet Bolt has a much larger 60kWh battery pack, and its EPA rated at a 238-mile range. Taking a look at the price, Chevrolet Bolt comes with MSRP of $37,495, while BMW i3 comes with MSRP of $43,395 for the 22kWh battery pack or $44,595 for the 33kWh one.

On the outside, BMW Blog reported that both cars are five-door hatchbacks which are great for practicality. Both vehicles have their battery pack on the bottom of the car, but Bolt also packs extra cells under the back seat too. The electric motors allow the cars to have instantaneous acceleration once you hit the pedal. The interior of both cars is compact and very well made for its price point.

Chevrolet Bolt comes with a heated steering wheel, and heated front and rear seats. BMW i3 on the other hand only offers heated front seats. The body of BMW i3 is made from Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic, while the underbody and crash structure are a metal alloy. However, Chevy Bolt’s frame and body are made of traditional steel alloy.

As reported by MuziChevy, both vehicles come with the latest technology. They have excellent smartphone apps that allow the user to check the state of the battery and the location of the vehicle. Both vehicles come with two LCD screens. One is for the instrument cluster and the other is for the navigation system.

Last but not least, DC charging is standard on the BMW i3 versus optional on the Bolt. It seems that at this very moment, Chevy Bolt takes the crown. It has twice the range and costs less than the BMW i3. If you are in the market for a new electric vehicle, take a long look at the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt.

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