Mazda CX-5 Tops The Crossover Cars In The US

Mar 14, 2017 06:45 AM EDT | Paula

It maybe hard to believe but Mazda CX-5 is the crossover king in the US, constituting a quarter of Mazda's total sales. The car company has sold more than 1 million units of the compact crossover CX-5, making it the second-quickest selling Mazda car to be sold next to MX-5.

It may not be able to compete with cars like Toyota and Honda in volume but it remains one of the most sought after crossover cars in the US. It's famous in the US market because of its amazing features and price that sets its aside among other crossover cars.

Mazda managed to decrease the car's high-frequency noise to 10 percent with its low-frequency noise reduces to 1dB. It also has a better design that allows better airflow driving, reported ArsTechnica.

To improve the sealing pressure at speed, an additional seal is placed other than the existing seals found in front and rear doors. Aside from that, there are also seals added on the window and rear hatch.

It has acoustic glass front windows that made way to sound-absorbing vinyl found between the inner and outer glass, allowing sounds to dampen inside the car. Aside from that, its windshield enhanced, panel gaps tighter and the A pillar re-profiled for turbulence decrease.

It is also comparably cheaper to other car brands like Audi, BMX, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. The cheapest version of these cars tends to be around $9,000 higher than Mazda CX-5, with a price that starts with $24,045 and ends around $33,465 including options.

Mazda CX-5's 2017 version was able to solve the problems that it faced with its previous models. It's doors open wider and has expanded door pockets. There are also more storage cubbies and USB ports inside the car

According to Car and Driver, Mazda was able to make a wonderful design without sacrificing its functionality. Aside from that, Mazda CX-5 boasts an impressive cabin that is better than its other luxury crossover cars.

The vibe inside the car is similar to Touring and Grand Touring cars that sport French style interior, which doesn't sacrifice the driver's comfort. With its intricate design and affordable price, Mazda CX-5 will continue to be on the top of its game no matter how many brand new cars grace the market.

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