Geneva Motor Show 2017: Volkswagen Introduces ‘Sedric’ Driverless Pod Concept

Mar 14, 2017 07:23 AM EDT | Joyce Vega

At Geneva Motor Show 2017, Volkswagen introduced its Sedric driverless pod concept. It is the company’s first fully autonomous vehicle, designed for a time when autonomous technology on the road no longer requires the supervision of a human driver.

As told by the Telegraph, Sedric stands for Self DRIving Car and is an SAE Level Five autonomous driving machine. It is capable of making its own decisions about anything it meets. The electrical motor and the chassis are based on VW’s MEB electrical architecture that was shown at Paris last year. It has a 60kwh battery that is mounted under the floor and it gives the vehicle about 400km of range.

According to Eichhorn, there is a single button that summons Sedric. Once summoned the vehicle opens its doors and awaits instructions. All the driver needs to do is to tell Sedric where he wants to go, and the vehicle will take him there. It could even be programmed to go down to the supermarket and collect the owner’s shopping. To make all of this work, Sedric comes with a formidable array of radar, camera and Lidar sensors.

According to Boy Genius Report, Volkswagen has ditched the traditional automobile that’s been given a brain and autonomous driving powers and created something straight out of a science fiction movie. On the outside, Sedric looks like a giant toaster on wheels. It has a boxy shape with more space in the frame for a comfortable interior.

However, on the inside it Sedric looks more like a limo rather than a traditional passenger vehicle. Without the steering wheel, the interior is more space which allows for some sofa-style seating. There is a big semi-transparent screen and a garden of little plant pods. Sedric is an incredible and futuristic concept, but it relies on technologies that are a long way from being perfected. It goes without saying that Sedric won’t hit the streets anytime soon. On the other side, Volkswagen is optimistic and it is targeting a potential launch window of 2025.

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