Tesla Model 3 Updates: Prototype Caught On Video Cruising Along California

Mar 12, 2017 12:58 PM EDT | Andrew Davis


A Tesla Model 3 prototype was spotted cruising around the automaker's headquarters in Hawthorne, California. After over a year since its initial unveiling, we finally can see a clearer and a better footage of the highly anticipated EV thanks to a video footage taken during the same initial sighting last Friday.

The silver EV was spotted by the company Unplugged Performance, who uploaded the clearer footage on YouTube. Unplugged Performance has a garage next to SpaceX, which happens to be near Tesla's Design Studio.

Based on the video footage, which you can watch below, it seems the spotted Tesla Model 3 prototype looks almost exactly like the original prototype unveiled during the March 2016 event. In fact, Electrek pointed out that the video confirmed their suspicions that it is the same pre-alpha prototype which has been spotted on several other occasions.

The report furthered that not only were there no visible changes in the exterior, but also the interior featured the same center screen and the same steering wheel. There basically is no change, that is, visibly, with this specific spotted prototype.

Tesla Model 3 is the automaker's most important model, according to Digital Trends, as this will either make or break the company's brand. Despite the model still unfinished, it is one of the most highly anticipated vehicles of all time.

Tesla received nearly 400,000 pre-orders worth north of $10 billion. And the company only had to show off the close-to-production prototype. They are the first automaker to have pulled such a feat.

And now, with only 4 months remaining before the company's scheduled production and with only 2 different working prototypes spotted, it will be a very crucial and close 4 months for the company. But company officials seem committed to delivering the first few Tesla Model 3 vehicles before 2017 ends.

For what it's worth, Tesla Model 3 might suddenly have a jaw dropping unveiling in the next couple of months as Elon Musk indicated that Tesla might have some plans in order to address the model's design. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates and check out the video below.

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