Pininfarina H600 Hybrid Concept vs Tesla Model S: H600 Promises 612 miles, 2.9-Second 62 MPH Dash

Mar 09, 2017 04:00 AM EST | Andrew Davis


The Pininfarina H600 hybrid concept that took the spotlight during the 2017 Geneva Motor Show is said to be a worthy adversary of Elon Musk's Tesla Model S. The hybrid sedan is a competitive addition to the growing electric vehicle market and claims an astonishing 0-62mph in just 2.9 seconds with a 612 mileage.


The hybrid concept is the first car that came out of the collaboration between legendary Italian design house Pininfarina and the Hybrid Kinetic Group, a Hong Kong-based tech company that develops a rather unusual fiberglass turbine tech, according to AutoBlog.

This $68-million deal in more than one way isn't an abashed Tesla Model S competitor. It's large and luxurious, but it's also lightning fast. Let's dissect this hybrid concept.

Exterior. The Pininfarina H600 hybrid concept's front grille definitely has a Maserati flair to it and the Italian company says that the design is actually functional as the large grille lets an inflow of air for the microturbine propulsion pack inside (more on this later).

Its body void of superfluous lines. Out back is a continuous light bar that integrates the stoplights, a simple yet very effective touch.

Thanks to its exterior sheet metal, the Tesla Model S looks sleek and muscular. The efficient hole is cut to channel in the air thanks to its engineering. Basically, it has a fastback shape with a long impressive windshield.

Interior. Since both are sedans, there is no question that they can sit 4 people. But the Model S offers an addition two extra seats that can be hidden underneath its boot.

The H600's suicide doors open to reveal ample interior space with all the fine leather, dark wood, and metallic accents you could ask for. The seats look very executive, in a retro kind of way. While inside Tesla, there is plenty of knee room but the floors are quite high because of the batteries underneath it.

Cabin tech. There is a multitude of touchscreens inside the H600 reminding you that you are in the cutting-edge hybrid car. There is also a large Tesla Model S-like display on the center console and screens for passengers in the back. But there isn't much info yet what tech is carries but you can check out the tech for Tesla Model S here.

Engine. MotorTrend reports that Pininfarina H600 hybrid concept's engine claims an impressive 800 hp and 62mph in just 2.9 seconds, while the Tesla Model S has 532 hp for the base model with a 60 mph in 5.5 seconds.

Pininfarina H600's crazy performance is made possible by a micro gas turbine generating the current being fed into its electric motor. With both turbine range extender and the onboard battery taken into account, the Pininfarina H600 is apparently capable of 612 miles, beating Tesla's 315 mileage for the base model.

Verdict. While the Pininfarina H600 hybrid concept's numbers are more than amazing, the catch is it is merely a concept, still. The Hybrid Kinetic Group is yet to demonstrate its tech in a production vehicle, unlike Tesla Model S that comes already with increased driving range for its 90D and P90D models.

Even if it may not entirely be realistic, the Pininfarina H600 hybrid concept is definitely one of the most striking EVs gracing the covers of Geneva this year. Who knows, if this concept car does go into production, we might be seeing another uprated version of the Tesla Model S to keep up with competition.

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