The New Bentley Exp 12 Speed 6e Concept Is An All-Electric Grand Tourer

Mar 10, 2017 04:10 AM EST | Yen Palec

The annual Geneva Motor Show is nothing short of a circus of impressive cars. Not to be outdone by the competition, British carmaker Bentley made its case for probably one of the greatest grand tourers to debut recent memory. The Bentley Exp 12 Speed 6e concept car is the company's first ever all-electric grand tourer.

The new Bentley grand tourer sports a minimalistic design and nothing of those fancy liveries. In fact, it is this simplicity that evokes a grand sense of class and authenticity to the electric car. Given that it is powered by electricity makes it eco-friendly as well.

The Bentley Exp 12 Speed 6e still pack the usual aura that only a Bentley car exudes, that is minus the massive V8 or W12 engine underneath the hood. The actual details and specifications of the grand tourer are scarce, even touching to non-existent.

This apparent lack of details has led many to speculate about what Bentley is cooking. Some claim that the Exp 12 Speed 6e packs multiple motors that will provide power to all four wheels. These four motors provide the explosive performance and breakneck torque which many electric cars are known for.

A couple of promotional photos revealed the simplistic duality of the colors white and red. The interior of the all-electric Bentley grand tourer revealed a central console with an OLED touch screen that controls entertainment, internal climate, and navigation, according to Engadget.

Bentley has floated the idea that the all-electric grand tourer can be driven from London to Paris, Milan, or Monaco on just a single full charge, according to Recombu. That is a bold statement, considering the fact that most electric cars only have a mileage of a couple hundred miles. Nevertheless, Bentley cars are known for their robust build. Something that is big and heavy enough to carry Tesla-sized battery packs without any problem.

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