Tesla Model 3 updates

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Sticks To Its Promise To Begin Production Of The Tesla Model 3 In July Despite Big Loss In Q1

Despite the decrease, Musk says that Model 3 reservations are still increasing. more

Tesla Model 3 | Fully Charged

Tesla Speeding Up Production Of Model 3 By Skipping “Beta” Production Testing To Save Time & Cost

Another ambitious feat is being undertaken by Tesla as the self-imposed deadline for the Model 3 draws even closer. more

Tesla Unveils Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Updates & Roundup: Higher Range Than Bolt EV; Elon Musk Confirms No HUD

With the Tesla Model 3's production drawing so close, Elon Musk has been dropping more hints on Twitter, his favorite social media platform. more

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 'Release Candidates' Are Being Built

Will the Tesla Model 3 be out on the streets, soon? more

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Out On The Street - Video Inside

Is this what the Tesla Model 3 will look like? more

Tesla Model 3 May End Up With Panasonic Roof Technology

Tesla Model 3 May End Up With Panasonic Roof Technology

Tesla CEO Elon Musk back in November 2016 tweeted about a potential solar roof option for the Model 3. more

Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3: EV Sales Battle

Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3: EV Sales Battle

Chevrolet Bolt has only been available for a few months and is only being sold in select states. more

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Electric Cars Production Is All Set on February 20

Tesla Model 3 Electric Cars is starting its productio on February 20 and everyone is excited. more

Telsa CEO Elon Musk Unveils New Vehicle

Tesla Model 3: Prices, specs and 2017 release date- Will there be enough to Meet Preorders?

Tesla Model 3 made an impressive record for preorders many months before it hits the market on the early part of 2017. more

Geneva Motor Show 2016

Tesla Model 3 Glass Roof An Optional Feature, CEO Reveals

CEO Elon Musk revealed Tesla Model 3 solar panel glass roof will be an optional feature of the vehicle. more

Tesla Model 3 vs Chevrolet Bolt: Key Differences In Pricing, Speed, Availability, & More

Tesla Glass: Elon Musk's Tesla Model 3 Features New Glass Technology

Elon Musk reveals Tesla Glass technology group and the new glass developed will be incorporated in its Model 3 vehicle. more

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Unveils New Vehicle

Tesla Mode 3 Photo Revealed A "Might Be" Interior Look of It

A few months ago, testa unveiled their latest car Tesla Model 3 and eventhough the Model 3 is still 2 years away from production and thousands of people are already putting down a deposit of $1000. This is even without seeing major details of the cars like the interior. Luckily, one instagram user posted a photo of what might be the Tesla Model 3's interior. more

Tesla Offers Charging Stations On German Highways

Electric Car 'Insufficient Power Theory' Proven False

Most consumers are now having the infamous "range anxiety" as they do not completely trust the capabilities of an electric car. more

Telsa Opens New Flagship Store In San Francisco

Tesla Model 3 Factory Resembles A Sci-fi Warship

New Tesla Factory for Model 3's will look like a sci-fi apocalyptic robotic factory. more

Tesla Sets Authorized Service Centers In China

Beijing Car Crash Involving a Tesla Car on Autopilot Mode

Tesla has bravely revealed that one of its electric cars that were reported to be in autopilot mode crashed in Beijing. more

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