Mercedes E-Class Coupe Review: A Car That Is Both Efficient And Good Looking

Mar 11, 2017 01:00 PM EST | Paula

The success that Mercedes has been incredible, probably driving their competitors crazy. One of the things they launched this year was the Mercedes E-class Coupe, it is the sixth model of the new E-class chassis.

There are a lot of things that are new with this car, the dimensions of this car is different from its predecessors. It is longer and slightly wider than the E-class Saloon but has a shorter wheelbase.

According to Telegraph, the Mercedes E-class Coupe has a three part underbody that has similar front and middle section as the E-class Saloon but has a rear section similar to smaller C-class. The car is reportedly similar to E-Cabriolet that was one of the main attraction at the Geneva Motor Show.

However, it is reportedly 55 kg heavier than the E-class Saloon because Mercedes added more materials to the body of the car that gives it a better construction. The car also has higher standard specifications that include LED headlamp.

Aside from that, the car has a 68mm wider track, 15mm lower ride height, a stiffer bounce and rebound damping. Peter Kolb, Mercedes E-Coupe testing chief, explained that this car is based on exclusive and sporty cars that have lower wind and tire noise.

Aesthetically, the car looks good even though there might be a problem on the look of the rearmost side window. The look is an offshoot of the car's longer and pushed-back roofline. However, buyers can always use smoked rear windows to hide it.

Mercedes E-class Coupe's also has a better interior design than previous Mercedes cars. The new car was designed with a wavy wooden dash panel that links into doors.

It also has a dotted ventilator that has a well-designed turbine and a double-screen instrument panel and center console that fits perfectly into the whole design. According to Autoblog, Mercedes E-class Coupe does not have that more rear doors and has barriers between its front and rear windows.

Mercedes E-class Coupe will reportedly be on sale this summer, it might have the same price as an outdoor car. As of to date, Mercedes has not yet given the sale price of this car.

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