Ferrari Formula 1 Team Is Rumored To Be Developing A Better Injection System

Mar 07, 2017 12:21 PM EST | Paula

To have a more efficient engine, Ferrari Formula 1 Team is evaluating a new injection system for their car. The team is currently evaluating a double anchor injection system for its engine.

The details regarding this information are reportedly sealed to the public. Even though, there were rumors that Ferrari is creating a new and better type of fuel injector that has a double anchor.

According to Auto Sports, if Ferrari decides to use this new engine they won't be breaking any rules. It is within the boundaries of the new rules and regulation of FIA.

Having this new engine will give the team a more efficient engine. A double anchored injection system reduces the possibility of excess fuel coming in the engine chamber that can't be perfectly burned.

This allows the car to have more power with less consumption. This device has not been used under the track because the team is still currently using the standard engine version.

Ferrari and its colleague Haas manage to get through the pre-season testing without that much engine problem, using a 062 engine. If Ferrari did decide to use this new engine, it will be launched with the Turbulent Jet Ignition concept that was created for engine chamber pre-combustions.

Aside from aerodynamic changes, Formula 1 teams were focusing on engine performance as well. Even though the new regulations allows an extra 5Kg fuel for the race, teams are still looking for means to have better fuel consumption, Motor Sports reported.

During the pre-season testing, Ferrari had an impeccable performance even garnering praises from other teams. It also manages to have two amazing drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel driving a reliable car with a reliable engine.

Sebastian Vettel manages to have a great lap time that is only 0.25 seconds shorter than Mercedes driver Valterri Bottas. Ferrari is rumored to launch this engine later this year, only time will tell if the new engine will give the team great results.

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