Jolyon Palmer Seemed To Be Having A Fun Time Driving Renault’s RS17

Mar 07, 2017 12:13 PM EST | Paula

Despite initial issues, Jolyon Palmer believes that Renault's 2017 Formula 1 car can easily drive and compliant. Renault's RS17 is reportedly the first ever car designed by the Formula 1 team.

Last year, the team only used an updated version of the 2015 car causing the team to struggle the entire season. Palmer explained that they managed to make good gains on their quality of riding.

He explained that the ride quality still remains better this year compared to last year. Jolyon Palmer explained that they managed to make big steps this year. Apparently, they have better tools to use now compared before, Motor sports reported.

"It's something we learnt from last year, and we learnt the hard way. But clearly at Barcelona, we've made good progress, and even just the balance of the car is very consistent, it's very driveable," Palmer said. "Every time I get in it, we know what to expect. It's a good feeling at the moment."

Jolyon Palmer believes that Renault was able to create a car that has more aero and mechanical grip. Now, he can drive with a big smile on his face because it's an absolute thrill to drive.

The car is reportedly well balanced and compliant. It is easy to anticipate what to expect when hitting the breaks. It is reportedly a completely different atmosphere to them.

This actually comes as a surprise to fans who were worried about the accident that happened last week. Express previously reported that Palmer manages to crash last week.

Thankfully, the accident did not cause that much damage because Palmer was able to get back on track after an hour to continue his laps. The team is actually working towards attaining at least fifth place in the F1 Constructors' Championship, where they only manage to finish ninth last year.

As of to date, Formula 1 teams including Renault have only a few weeks before the Australian Grand Prix on March 26. Even though the pre-season testing is not an indicator of what will be the pace of the teams, fans can expect Renault to have a better performance this year.

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