Ferrari Helped Haas F1 Team To Improve Their Engines; Toto Wolff Impressed With New Ferrari Car

Mar 07, 2017 12:09 PM EST | Paula

One of the fastest contenders in Formula 1 racing today, Ferrari, helped Haas F1 Team in improving their engines that had a lot of reliability issues last year. Mercedes Executive Director Toto Wolff is amazed by Ferrari's SF70H 2017 Formula 1 that they consider it a challenger in the 2017 Australian Grand Prix.

During the first pre-season testing, Ferrari was able to run in an impeccable without any engine problems. The impressive F1 team helped Team Haas to avoid the testing and racing problems last year.

Ferrari was reportedly the team who had been a huge threat during the first pre-season training. Planet F1 explained that the team was giving Mercedes a run for their money. 

For two days, both teams managed to garner the top spot. However, Mercedes was able to garner the fastest car overall.

"Since we have new rules, the teams are trying to get a lot of miles to get to know the car," Toto Wolff said. "At Red Bull, we probably have not seen the car that will race at the Australian GP. Ferrari is really fast. We have to take them seriously, but at the same time not let it get in our way." 

As for Haas Formula 1, Auto Sport explained that Ferrari manages to help them create a flawless engine and gearbox. They helped in improving the engine but did not change it all.

There is no need to change the engine because what they experienced last year was just a software problem, not mechanical. The team is thankful to Ferrari who manages to create a better engine for them to use.

Haas Formula 1 also explained that they are happy to have a reliable engine this time around. The team is actually glad about Ferrari to be able to work their way on the pre-season testing without any issues.

The improvements Ferrari did in their car and Haas Formula 1's car shows that the team has come a long way. It is probably safe to say that the team will give Mercedes a challenging time in the Australian Grand Prix.

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