Ford Self-Driving Vans Releasing In The Market Soon? Door-To-Door Deliveries Will Soon Be Automated

Feb 28, 2017 10:43 AM EST | Leian N.

The future of automobile has finally evolved under the wing of autonomous vans. An American automaker has decided to create the Ford Self-Driving vans which would transport people and goods directly towards the customer's respective houses. What are the features? Although the said vehicle is yet to be developed, the automaker has envisioned the future for self-driving and drones as a collaboration of two advanced technological mechanisms that would transform customer service to the next level.

As reported by Motor Trend, the Ford self-driving vans will be installed with the Autolivery concept wherein deployable drones would fly to customers' doorsteps to pick up and drop off packages to and fro. As provided by the video below, the vehicle would be utilized for delivery to high-rise buildings, houses, and even remote areas, if development allows it.

Furthermore, the presentation of the idea was entitled "The City of Tomorrow" where the roadways were reconfigurable and had a broader range of transportation delivery vehicles. The drones, however, would be the ones to make the transportation scheme easier since it will forecast where the vehicle will go before making the delivery. Ford, however, isn't the first automaker to develop the idea.

Mercedes already introduced the Vision Van concept last year. In fact, their vehicle will also have the drone capabilities manifested by Ford but their product would be more focused on full automation.

In other news, Ford Authority reported that the proposed delivery system would also have the autonomous delivery van feature with a capacity of reaching 49-ft. when doing the deliveries. The in-development was predicted to reach the market by 2021, a further year since drones have been introduced to the automated market.

The Ford self-driving vans may be the key to autonomous delivery of goods and services to the people of tomorrow. However, at present, experiment is currently being studied by the company's research and development team. Will it push through sooner than expected?

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