2017 Land Rover Discovery Extremely Practical Seven-Seater; Puts Luxury SUVs To Shame! See What Experts Say

Feb 27, 2017 12:00 AM EST | Paul Urban

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery is considered the genuine seven-seater is considered one of the most practical options for SUV in more ways than one. It has upgraded features which make the SUV even better and may give its competition a good run for its money.

According to What Car, the 2017 Land Rover Discovery may even tempt buyers away from luxury SUVs. Sure, luxury SUVs boast of state-of-the-art features and class that may not be offered by lower-priced counterparts. However, this is not true all the time, not until the 2017 Land Rover Discovery came in the picture.

The Land Rover Discovery is a great seven-seater that is considerably bigger than Discovery Sport and is more affordable compared to Range Rover Sport. This is then best suited for families who are more inclined to dwell more on space, practicality, and flexibility to take them to places other vehicles may find difficult to navigate than the luxurious offerings of other higher priced vehicle of the same kind.

The Discovery is classy as it is. In its own right, it can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other more expensive SUVs. Its exterior is also as outstanding as its interior. It is classy and direct-to-the-point. It need not boast or brag. It can stand on its own without going overboard. That adds more to the appeal of this SUV.

The Discovery is considered to be more agile than the previous model. It is geared towards comfort than sporty handling. However, it is still safe, especially on winding roads. It is extremely stable that even at considerably higher speed, the SUV won't feel like it is going to tip over or fall to its side.

The standard air suspension gives one comfortable ride in any road conditions. It is comfortable and smooth on freeways as well as the toughest of terrains the country side or desert can offer. Drivers and passengers hardly will notice any road obstructions because of its ground clearance of 283mm and water wading depth of 900mm which are both considered best in class.

As added by Car Advice, the 2017 Land Rover Discovery has an extremely practical cabin and is considered the genuine and legitimate seven-seater. To support the earlier report, it is highly capable in off-roading and very smooth and comfortable on the road. The interior is high-quality without spending to much on signature and plushness.

It also has good powertrain options giving buyers myriad of choices to choose from. The bold exterior is a statement on its own which commands much-needed attention. The 2017 Land Rover Discovery is the best option for SUV out there. Some may agree and some may not, but experts have weighed in their feedback, they already have spoken.

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