'Kingdom Hearts 3' LATEST Update: Sora Still With Multiple Abilities; Described As "Pretty Frantic Experience," Nomura Said

Feb 26, 2017 12:00 AM EST | Paul Urban

"Kingdom Hearts 3" is highly anticipated following the success of Square Enix's "Kingdom Hearts 2." Its official release has been much talked about as gaming enthusiasts and experts think it is long overdue. Some information about the upcoming game has been making the rounds online for four years, and gamers think it is about time information about it is made official.

However, Square Enix has not released any official date leading to the release of the third "Kingdom Hearts" installment according to Trusted Reviews. To continue, based on experts' analysis, "Kingdom Hearts 3" detailed information may be available by the latter part of 2017.

This is also in connection with "Final Fantasy 15" official launch last year. Tetsuya Nomura will now be able to focus on "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" and "Kingdom Hearts 3."

The flow of the third installment is going to be similar as the second as confirmed by Nomura. Sora will still continue to perform and unleash multiple abilities. Donald and Goofy will also remain as basic companions, with summons and support joining the gamer's party which is dependent on the world being explored.


Sora's capabilities are also expected to have improved offering variety to seasoned players. He is believed to be capable of wall climbing and jumping upon enemies to reach new areas. As an interesting teaser, Tetsuya Nomura even described the game as "pretty frantic" gaming experience. This should be enough to make game fans even more excited.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" is also confirmed to introduce a good number of original locations along with new Disney-themed locations. Confirmed worlds to show are "Tangled," "Big Hero 6," "Mount Olympus," "Twilight Town," and "Mysterious Tower."

As added by Video Games Republic, the "Kingdom Hearts 3" ends the "Dark Seeker" saga as the entire series focuses on partnership and collaboration between Square Enix and Disney characters to save the world.

With more official reports anticipated in the near future, "Kingdom Hearts 3" latest update will immediately be reported. The highly anticipated game may be released sooner than expected as what experts foresee, but it is not conclusive. The game director, Tetsuya Nomura has yet to make an official announcement. Meanwhile, stay tuned for any future developments on the game.

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