Samsung Galaxy Book LATEST: Move Over Microsoft Surface Book, This Device Will Be The Best Two-In-One? DETAILS HERE

Feb 26, 2017 12:00 AM EST | Paul Urban

Samsung Galaxy Book is yet another device Samsung is reportedly developing in order to secure its place in tech world domination. Following its worldwide scandal concerning the Note 7, Samsung is relentless in letting the world know that it is still the tech brand to beat in more ways than one. Microsoft Surface Book may no longer reign supreme as the best 2-in-1 as this device gets officially released.

It has successfully come close to beating the MacBook when its released its Notebook 9 13.3-inch, and this time around it is eyeing to somehow crush another tech leader, Microsoft. It's recently talked about Galaxy Book is a 2-in-1 meant to directly compete with the Surface Book.

According to Tech Radar, it is a convertible or detachable-style PC which is somehow patterned after Microsoft Surface Book. The upcoming reported device is also called as the "Book Settings" and it is believed to come with a stylus along with an AMOLED screen.

What's a promising rumor about the Samsung Galaxy Book is it has a battery life extender. The extender is reported to a maximum charge level to 85 percent which gives the battery longer staying power. It may also be a technology to save the battery from overheating and eventually suffering the same fate as that of Note 7's.

If Samsung Galaxy Book does exist, industry experts hope that it would be loaded with new features that are not offered by its toughest competitor, the Microsoft Surface Book. With the existing Samsung Notebook 7, the Galaxy Book may come in more premium materials and drool-worthy new features.

As added by tbreak Media, following the battery life extender, it may be considered safe from overheating, it may provide shorter battery lifespan. However, Samsung may be able to develop a new technology to combat this issue.

Samsung Galaxy Book is currently being talked about and there is no official word on its release, actually even its development for that matter in the first place. Microsoft Surface Book has been an industry leader for quite some time and industry experts may have been too excited to predict that Samsung is the tech leader to finally out the Surface Book.

It is important to note that Samsung Galaxy Book, at this point, is merely an interesting concept. Though sources have pointed out to its development, it has yet to be officially confirmed. However, when there's smoke, there's fire. Experts and enthusiasts have recently started talking about the Galaxy Book that it may actually be happening soon and will surprise everyone. Until then, it is best to stay tuned and any official reports regarding the device will immediately be reported.

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