Tesla V3 Super Charger for Its Electric Vehicles to Be Released; Supercharger Rumored to Recharge Batteries in Just Mere Seconds [VIDEO]

Dec 29, 2016 07:09 AM EST | Leonora Puno


The Tesla V3 supercharger, rumored to recharge electric vehicle batteries in just a few seconds, is slated to be released together with the Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle. This will allow electric vehicles to cover long distances without wasting time in recharging stations since charging using the old chargers can take hours.

Current chargers offer 150kW but the Tesla V3 superchargers are rumored to sport more than 350kW, allowing it to fully recharge the battery of an electric car in just a few seconds. This will shorten the long line of electric cars in front of charging stations waiting for their turn since charging will be very quick, making the time needed for refueling almost the same as recharging. With the availability of the Tesla V3 supercharger, drivers who prefer gasoline-fueled cars because they have to travel for long distances may shift to driving electric vehicles, according to Building Free.

The ease and speed by which the Tesla V3 supercharger can recharge batteries will be further enhanced by giving sanctions to drivers who do not leave the recharging station right away after recharge is completed. This will result to fewer cars waiting for their turn.

As proof of its commitment to greening the environment, the Tesla V3 supercharger will have the sun as its power source. Each recharging station will be installed with a solar array to provide energy to the Tesla supercharger, according to Green Car Reports.

With the Tesla V3 supercharger doing its job well, it is expected that the company's Model 3 car that is soon to be released will have improved sales. As a green car, buyers will be given credits for zero emission, thereby reducing the car's price and attracting more people to go for electric vehicles, according to Electrek.

This will be good for Tesla car owners in particular and for the world in general. Owners will be able to buy a green car at reduced prices and the world will be a greener and safer place for everyone.

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