Hyundai's Autonomous Ioniq Electric Car Offers A Seamless Ride; Will This Simple Electric Car Make Its Mark In The U.S.? [VIDEO]

Dec 22, 2016 11:20 AM EST | Leonora Puno

The Ioniq Electric Car made by South Korean automaker Hyundai is now being tested in some parts of the United States prior to its arrival in the U.S. market. The Ioniq Electric car can be driverless, but for people who prefer to hold the steering wheel, the hybrid and semi-hybrid versions are also available.

An electric car that proves Hyundai cannot be left behind in the realm of modern car technology, the Ioniq Electric Car is now being tested and made ready for massive marketing in the U.S. In fact, it was noted that the prototyps that were tested in South Korea and in Nevada look almost the same as those intended for retail marketing. The automaker believes that price matters more than speed, and so the Ioniq Electric Car will be sold at the most affordable price, according to Forbes.

One highlight of the test drive around Nevada was that the Ioniq Electric Car did not run any red lights, and this was without human intervention. It appeared as if the machine was thinking for itself and it did it with the utmost accuracy and caution.

Even running driverless, there was nothing to be afraid of, including road mishaps, which can just as easily happen in cars controlled by humans. Riding this vehicle means a drama-free drive, albeit a slightly boring one, according to Auto Blog.

The Ioniq Electric Car built by Hyundai Motors can rival the Toyota Prius, with its blue trimmings to accentuate its electric power. However, it is the first car that can be considered a conventional hybrid, electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid all in just one model. With the Ioniq Electric Car, Hyundai is looking forward to joining the race toward a more futuristic car industry, according to Car Magazine.

With the highly affordable price, people are expecting to see Ioniq Electric cars moving bumper to bumper on the road, edging out other similar car brands.

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