Tesla Autopilot Speed Limits Adjusted; Going Beyond 90mph Deemed Unsafe [Video]

Dec 28, 2016 05:05 AM EST | Leonora Puno

Tesla Autopilot will be revamped with the latest software update, preventing it from going beyond the recommended speed limit by 5mph to avoid accidents. With the latest software update of the Tesla Autopilot, it will be forced to observe city speed limits. Prior to the update, the car had a top speed of 90mph, but the user can increase it to 95mph. Since it is designed to be a driverless car, speeding may cause accidents that can be fatal.

Aside from the removal of the excess 5mph, the Autopilot was programmed to nudge drivers now and then so they can keep the car from encountering obstacles and being involved in road mishaps. While some car owners are against the modification of the Tesla Autopilot, others consider it an excellent move to make self-driving cars safe for drivers and passengers. The said move was undertaken after a speeding, self-driving car was involved in a fatal crash, according to Auto Guide.

Tesla Autopilot is set to remind drivers to hold the steering wheel when the system is on. It does this after the driver fails to touch the steering wheel for a few minutes. As the terrain becomes difficult to handle, like in the presence of sharp bends, the reminder becomes more frequent, sometimes separated by mere seconds. This automatic reminder is believed to keep the Tesla Autopilot safe at all times, according to The Verge.

Tesla's Autopilot update has been confirmed to be available on the last week of this month. Aside from this update, Tesla is also working on an autopilot system called Enhanced Autopilot. This will work using the computing power onboard a Tesla vehicle and the autonomous driving sensors, according to Tech Crunch.

With these updates, Tesla stands by its commitment to develop reliable and safe cars for everyone.

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