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How Tesla Solved the Self-Driving Crash Ethical Dilemma

Tesla Rolls Out Software 8.1 Autopilot Update

The latest 8.1 software update brings the Autosteer restriction to 80mph. more

Electronic Car Maker Telsa Reports Quarterly Earnings

Tesla Model S Slams Into Barrier: Driver Blames Autopilot

A video posted on Reddit shows a Tesla Model S ramming onto a barrier with the driver blaming Autopilot for the incident. more

Tesla Motors' Latest Autopilot is Now Active on Newer Cars

Tesla Motors' Latest Enhanced Autopilot is Now Active on Newer Cars

Tesla Motors' latest Enhanced Autopilot update is now live for newer cars. More details here. more

Tesla vs. Apple Poaching Wars: Elon Musk Adds More Apple Employees to Tesla Motors, Welcomes Chris Lattner

Tesla Autopilot Speed Limits Adjusted; Going Beyond 90mph Deemed Unsafe [Video]

Tesla Autopilot will be revamped with the latest software update, preventing it from going beyond the recommended speed limit of 5mph to avoid accidents. With latest software update of Tesla Autopilot, it will be forced to observe city speed limits. Prior to the update, the car has a top speed of 90mph but the user can increase it to 95mph. Since it is designed to be a driverless car, over speeding may cause accidents that can be fatal. more

Tesla Debuts Its New Crossover SUV Model, Tesla X

Tesla Model X Gets Tuned by European Expert; Will Customized Tesla X Be Trending Among Car Owners? [VIDEO]

A Tesla Model X tuned by European tuner Vilner of Unplugged Performance was showcased in the 2016 SEMA Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada. Considered as the fastest and most capable electric SUV to date, the tuning that the car got from Vilner made it the most outstanding car displayed in the show. more

Tesla's Upgraded Autopilot Feature To Come Out This December

Tesla's Upgraded Autopilot To Launch This December [VIDEO]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that the latest autopilot upgrade will roll out in mid-December. more

Tesla Car By A Charging Station On A German Highway

Tesla Cars Found Vulnerable, Can Be Easily Stolen And Controlled By Hackers Using Malware

Tesla cars' security was proven vulnerable by security labs as these can be easily hacked, then controlled and driven from afar. more

Telsa CEO Elon Musk Unveils New Vehicle

Tesla Model 3: Prices, specs and 2017 release date- Will there be enough to Meet Preorders?

Tesla Model 3 made an impressive record for preorders many months before it hits the market on the early part of 2017. more

Tesla Self-Driving Demo Shows Exactly What The Cars Sees While Navigating The Road

Tesla Self-Driving Demo Shows How Autonomous Cars Move In The Real World [VIDEO]

It's no secret that Tesla is currently focusing on autonomous driving technology and has guaranteed that all its upcoming models, including Model 3, will come equipped with self-driving features. more

Tesla Autopilot A Public Danger

Tesla Autopilot A Public Danger, German Probes Revealed

Findings from a recent study of the Germany’s Federal Highway Research Institute refers to the Tesla Autopilot system on Tesla Model S as a public danger. Researchers reportedly had a number of criticisms after testing the autopilot system. more

Electronic Car Maker Telsa Reports Quarterly Earnings

Tesla Bites Back on Mobileye Accusation that the Company is "Pushing the Envelope in Terms of Safety"

Tesla released statement on Thursday in response to the Mobileye Chairman's claim that they stopped supplying cameras to the Silicon Valley firm because it compromises the safety of passengers with its Autopilot feature. more

Telsa Opens New Flagship Store In San Francisco

Tesla Model 3 Factory Resembles A Sci-fi Warship

New Tesla Factory for Model 3's will look like a sci-fi apocalyptic robotic factory. more

Tesla Sets Authorized Service Centers In China

Beijing Car Crash Involving a Tesla Car on Autopilot Mode

Tesla has bravely revealed that one of its electric cars that were reported to be in autopilot mode crashed in Beijing. more

Telsa Motors Opens New 'Supercharger' Station In Fremont, California

Tesla Plans to Open Production Facilities in India

Tesla, an electric car company is said to be planning in creating a big factory in India according to Elon Musk, the company head. more

Pre-Orders For Tesla's Model 3 Reach Over 275,000 Days After Company Announces The Car

The Tesla Space Bus Contributes to Electric Car Pollution

Tesla takes the media by storm as it unveils the Tesla Space Bus. more

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