Tesla Cars Proved To Be Vulnerable To Hackers' Malware

Nov 27, 2016 10:53 PM EST | Mark Yap

Tesla Motors has envisioned its cars ideally for the future, hoping to pave way as to where electric cars would eventually replace gasoline-powered cars. However, that kind of future currently appears to have dimmed a bit as security vulnerabilities for Tesla cars were discovered.

Promon founder Tom Lysemose Hansen stated that recent experiments and research by "Keen Security Labs" have discovered flaws in the CAN bus systems of Tesla cars, which could be exploited and enables a hacker to take control of a car's certain functions. Thus, an alternative approach was used; during testing however, this approach was the first to use Tesla app itself as an entry point --- further proving that a vulnerable app could lead directly into the car being stolen, according a report posted at The Register.

Two months before security firm Promon conducted their test, "Keen Lab Security" researchers from China have been successful in hacking a Model S Tesla by just using a malware; they were able to control the car not just in parking mode, but also drove it from 12 miles away while using the drive mode featured in Tesla cars.

Assuming the Tesla car owner fell for this method by installing an Android app that comes with a malware, this would give a hacker the capability to connect into the unsuspecting owner's smartphone and let the hijacking commence, according to an article posted on Tech-Chat. This could also be pulled off with something as simple as a clickbait pop-up, which sometimes include free pizza offers or a free game within a wifi-hotspot that is actually designated as a setup.

While convenient, this is a growing concern regarding online connectivity as it becomes more and more connected with each and every technology not just in Tesla cars, but also for other tech-centric car models.

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