Tesla Self-Driving Demo Shows How Autonomous Cars Move In The Real World [VIDEO]

Nov 21, 2016 06:32 AM EST | Vinay Patel

While the first demo of Tesla's self driving features was simply enthralling, the California-based automaker took things a step further by posting a second demo video that shows exactly what an autonomous EV sees while navigating local roads.

On Friday, a second Tesla self driving video demonstration of the company's self driving platform surfaced online and this time, giving car fanatics a sneak peek of real-time feeds of what the company's image processing system dubbed, 'Tesla Vision', can see from the car cameras, according to Electrek.

Tesla recently announced that it will be gearing all of its cars with a Tesla self driving capable hardware and not too long after that, the automaker posted the first video demo of a Model X that packed the said hardware, as well as the latest build of Tesla self driving software, which is not yet up for grabs for consumers.

Although the first demo was good, the second demo simply surpasses all expectations.

As the video clip shows, the cameras and sensors have to nose out several things such as pedestrians, other cars, lights, and signs while it navigates local roads. Aside from this, the car picks up the motion flow of its surroundings to figure out where it is moving.

Nevertheless, the test run isn't spared from flaws. In the clip, for instance, the car can be seen needlessly slowing down for pedestrians. Besides, it is unclear how this kind of demo would work in adverse conditions, including nighttime's drives and snowy weather, according to Engadget.

That being said, the car is still remarkable. The vehicle is adequately aware of its surroundings and the driver do not even have to touch the car steering once, even under complicated situations.

It's worth noting that Tesla is actually counting on the machine to learn how to further enhance this system. In other words, its data will also make a big difference.

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