'Pokemon Sun And Moon': Get A Mythical Pokemon In Legendary Giveaway

Dec 08, 2016 04:11 AM EST | Matthew Cruz


"Pokemon Sun and Moon" gamers are in for a real treat as its very first mythical Pokemon distribution event has now started, with a QR code available to those living in the United States that will enable players to gain access to Magearna, Volcanion's artificial companion. Pokemon Sun and Moon has long had a QR scanner element, but this is the first time it will be utilized through the giveaway. 

The official QR code can be seen now on the Pokemon website. It describes Magearna as the first Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon, and says it is a steel- and fairy-type. The code will be around indefinitely and not just for a limited period of time.

On the website, it lists down the following steps that will allow a "Pokemon Sun and Moon" gamer to to acquire Magearna: After finishing the main story, players choose the QR scanner function and line up the QR code for the mythical pokemon while keeping a finger on the R button. Afterward, gamers must visit the Antiquities of the Ages shop deliveryman, located in Hau'oli City, to obtain Magearna. 

According to IGN, the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" QR code is only available in the US. Europe will follow soon, however, and Japan-based gamers received the code even earlier after the premiere there of Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. As the QR code is specific to each region, it will not work in areas outside its scope.

Generation VII is required to be qualified for the giveaway, as the last entry in Generation VI's Pokedex was Volcanion, according to News Everyday. Once gamers are able to access Magearna, it will come at Level 50 and already have the Soul-Heart ability that enables its Special Attack stats to rise in the event that a Pokemon faints. The following moves will also come with the mythical Pokemon Sun and Moon Magearna: Fleur Cannon, Lucky Chant, Flash Cannon and Helping Hand.

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