Matthew Cruz

Discovery Venice Opening With Gabby Reece And Laird Hamilton

39,000 Land Rover, Jaguar Vehicles May Have Rollaway Issues, Says NHTSA

Roughly 39,000 cars are currently being investigated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) after seven instances of rollaways were reported to a unit of the agency, the Office of Defect Investigation. The models in question are Land Rover Evoque sport-utility vehicles (SUVs), made between 2012 and 2014, and Jaguar XF sedans made in 2013. more

Toyota Hybrids

Toyota Hybrids Are Back In The Spotlight, Company Plans To Double Sales

Toyota, a carmaker that typically veered away from electric vehicles, announced earlier this year that it was going to significantly increase its involvement in the category. But now, the Japan-based carmaker is assuring motorists everywhere that Toyota hybrids aren't going anywhere: on the contrary, Toyota is planning to make big expansions in hybrid development. more


Chumlee's Cars: The 'Pawn Stars' Celebrity's Impressive Collection

Austin Russell, who is more commonly known as Chumlee, is a celebrity of "Pawn Stars" fame and a part of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, known the world over. Chumlee often steals the spotlight for his humor and charm, but something people might not know is that he also has perhaps one of the best car collections belonging to a celebrity, and that's saying something. more

Barry Weiss

Barry Weiss: Beatnik Hot Rod, Cowboy Cadillac Among His $500,000 Car Collection

Barry Weiss of "Storage Wars" fame is an iconic mainstay on the show known by his nickname, "The Collector." But rarely has anyone lived up to their nickname as well as Barry Weiss does: He has a truly mind-numbing collection of vintage trucks, cars and motorcycles worth half a million dollars. more

SEGA at the E3 Gaming Conference

SEGA: Which Games Are In The Works For Film And TV?

Nostalgic gamers who grew up with SEGA will be extremely excited to hear that two classic games in the franchise, "Altered Beast" and "Streets of Rage," will be appearing on both the big screen and silver screen in the near future. Stories International and Circle of Confusion, the production company of Fear the Walking Dead, have joined efforts for both SEGA titles. more

Pokemon Sun and Moon Giveaway

'Pokemon Sun And Moon': Get A Mythical Pokemon In Legendary Giveaway

Pokemon Sun and Moon gamers are in for a real treat as its very first mythical Pokemon distribution event has now started, with a QR code available to those living in the United States that will enable players to gain access to Magearna, Volcanion's artificial companion. Pokemon Sun and Moon has long had a QR scanner element, but this is the first time it will be utilized through the giveaway. more

Lamborghini Speakers

Lamborghini Speaker Styled Just Like A Car And Costs As Much As One Too: Is It Worth It? [VIDEO]

Lamborghini in partnership with iXoost has created a speaker called the EsaVox, and it's just like one of their iconic luxury cars: with the jaw-dropping price of $24,000 to match. The Lamborghini speaker is styled after the Italian carmaker's Aventador, with a monocoque chassis in carbon, shock absorber and exhaust system, in addition to the basic elements of a bluetooth speaker that can pair it with a smartphone, tablet or desktop. more

Fast and Furious 7

Lykan Hypersport, The Supercar From 'Furious 7,' Finally Spotted: You Won't Guess Where

When Lebanon-based company W Motors produced the Lykan Hypersport, a supercar oozing with luxury, it only made seven of them. This firmly established it as one of the world's rarest cars: in fact, most motorists' best chance at ever seeing the Lykan Hypersport will be to watch its star turn in "Furious 7," where it drives mid-air from one towering skyscraper to another. And now, it has found its way from the movie screen to a Dubai dealership. more

E3 Gaming Conference

'Resident Evil 7' Demo To Be Available On PS4, PC And Xbox One Before The Month Ends

After PlayStation 4 gamers were treated to an updated Resident Evil 7 "Beginning Hour" demo last weekend, Capcom has confirmed that Xbox One and PC won't be far behind. The Resident Evil 7 "Midnight" edition demo will arrive on Xbox One by December 9, while PC gamers will get it on December 19. more

Bruce McLaren

McLaren F1, Worth $20 Million And Ultra Rare, Meets Its Demise In A New Zealand Ditch

A McLaren F1 crashed into a ditch in New Zealand, where its 65-year-old Australian driver was one of 33 others taking part in a country-wide McLaren convoy in honor of the company's late founder, Bruce McLaren. The McLaren F1 is one of the world's rarest cars: Not only did McLaren discontinue its production in 1998, but only 64 of the vehicles were ever produced during its tenure. more


Westworld News: Creators Shed Light On Violent Finale; Why Won't Season 2 Come Until 2018?

The finale of HBO's first season of "Westworld" featured several stunning revalations, answering questions that had long been on the minds of viewers but opening up a plethora of new ones. It does not seem, however, that the new questions will be answered in the immediate feature: Westworld Season 2 is slated for release in 2018. more


Luxury Showrooms: Will An Ultra-Expensive Watch Get You In?

Ever wonder what it would be like to test out the supercars in luxrious London showrooms? For Top Gear, not only did they want a taste of these exclusive luxury showrooms: they surmised that wearing an ultra-expensive watch would do just the trick. What started out as a joke eventually tumbled into an informal tour of London's luxury showrooms, and an exploration of just how much expensive wrist-wear would help out. more

The Last Of Us 2

'The Last Of Us 2' Trailer Has Fans Going Crazy Over What Could Be A Major Plot Twist [VIDEO]

The Last of Us was one of the biggest breakout games of 2013, becoming a topseller and bringing something unique to the well-worn action-adventure survival genre. Now, producer Naughty Dog has announced The Last of Us Part 2 in PlayStation Experience 2016, with an official reveal trailer to boot, and its three minutes of gorgeous, haunting footage has fans in wild speculation over one plot point in particular. more

The next two years are going to be big for Jeep, with the 2018 Jeep Wrangler, and possibly a hybrid variant, set to debut.

2018 Jeep Wrangler: Hybrid Variant In The Works?

2018 is gearing up to be a big year for Jeep enthusiasts: the highly-anticipated Jeep Wrangler is set to premiere in the middle of that year, and now FCA may start providing hybrid versions of both Jeep and Ram models in 2018. No further news was given, but specualation has it that FCA will produce mild hybrids, according to Daily Sun. more

Lambo Spyder

Lambo Concept S Is A Sleek Car With One Peculiar Feature

Some truly out-of-this-world concepts have seen the light of day, if not a production line, like the Lexus concept based entirely on a partnership with Sriracha hot sauce. Other concepts, however, like the Lamborghini Concept S, are slightly less out-there but just as interesting. The Lambo Concept S in particular featured a peculiar element conjured from an antisocial individual's dreams: a barrier separating the driver from the passenger seat. more

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