Chumlee's Cars: The 'Pawn Stars' Celebrity's Impressive Collection

Dec 08, 2016 07:02 AM EST | Matthew Cruz

Austin Russell, who is more commonly known as Chumlee, is a celebrity of "Pawn Stars" fame and a part of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, known the world over. Chumlee often steals the spotlight for his humor and charm, but something people might not know is that he also has perhaps one of the best car collections belonging to a celebrity, and that's saying something. 

The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop of which he is part is a mainstay on the History Channel reality show "Pawn Stars," and is a family-owned shop primarily operated by father and son duo Richard and Rick Harrison. Chumlee actually is not a part of the family technically, but he does have a storied history with the Harrisons as one of the oldest friends of Corey Harrison, Rick's son. Little did he know that his involvement with the pawn shop, and then the hit show, would snag Chumlee his car collection. 

Chumlee's cars include the following: a Rolls Royce, 1964 Impala, Maserati GranTurismo, Cadillac Escalade and White Range Rover. That makes five stellar vehicles and counting, but despite his star-studded lineup, Chumlee's cars had humble beginnings. According to Celebrity Cars Blog, before getting the Rover, Chumlee was driving a Ford Fusion. 

In fact, even before Chumlee's cars began to amass, he had a taste of auto love with his very first vehicle, coming even before the Ford: a Geo Metro. It wasn't just any Geo Metro, but one with a lot of sentimental value, as it was Chumlee's father who purchased the car for him for a stunning $900.

According to the Huffington Post, the celebrity now has personal assistants, much like other Pawn costars, meaning Chumlee's cars are likely well-maintained. Either way, Chumlee's ability to haggle well, which is heavily apparent on Pawn Stars, has seemed to treat him very well. Celebrity Cars Blog reported that even his Maserati was snagged on a great deal, giving haggling a whole new definition.

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