Lambo Concept S Is A Sleek Car With One Peculiar Feature

Dec 06, 2016 05:31 AM EST | Matthew Cruz


Some truly out-of-this-world concepts have seen the light of day, if not a production line, like the Lexus concept based entirely on a partnership with Sriracha hot sauce. Other concepts, however, like the Lamborghini Concept S, are slightly less out-there but just as interesting. The Lambo Concept S in particular featured a peculiar element conjured straight from an introvert's dreams: a barrier separating the driver from the passenger seat. 

According to Top Gear, the Lambo Concept S takes the concept of an "antisocial supercar" to the next level. A supercar, the website said, is "willfully selfish" because of its lack of generosity for space, for both passengers and storage, and its booming sounds that are as much a symbol of status as they are of the car's power. The Lambo concept, however, separates the cockpit into two and provides each individual with a personal hooded windscreen.

Keeping up with sportcars' typical penchant for noise, the Lambo Concept S boasts 550bhp, as well as a cooling intake for its 5.2-liter V10 in the rear. The Lambo Concept also features creative placing of the rear view mirror on the vehicle's spine, providing a mechanism the driver can use to swiftly pull the mirror into view. 

Unfortunately, the Lambo Concept S resulted in a production version that was sufficiently watered down, removing the cockpit divider. Those looking for a new Lamborghini may opt for the Huracan Rear-Wheel Drive Spyder debuted just last month, a 580hp V10 soft-top, according to Bloomberg.

Lamborghini deviates from other luxury brands in that the typical age of its customers across the globe is younger, pegged at around 40. The Huracan is an appeal to this base, given its two-wheel-drive oversteer, swiftly-opening rooftop (17 seconds) and seven-speed dual clutch. Perhaps even the Lambo Concept S was deemed too bizzare for this clientele, but one can expect even more bold designs from the company in the future.

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