Toyota Batteries' Discovery Means More Range And Life

Nov 27, 2016 09:55 AM EST | Mark Yap


Toyota batteries would most likely become better than before, thanks to a recent discovery and technology breakthrough involving lithium-ion batteries, as Toyota focuses more into the electric car market.

Hisao Yamashige, head of Toyota's research and development, believes that the newly discovered method could further improve the range of electric cars that use lithium-ion batteries by 15%. Toyota firmly believes this could also improve Toyota batteries and within an estimated two to three years time, could produce better batteries.

In addition, Toyota has addressed this method as the "world's first behavior observation method for lithium-ions in electrolyte". 

Toyota batteries would now become more efficient by studying how lithium ions flow in the electrolyte; time and resources could be efficiently used to ensure the prevention of bunching as well, which could deteriorate a battery's performance over time. By applying this method, lithium ions also get to flow freely from the cathode to the anode, according to a blog post on Road Show.

There are two major factors that primarily affects Toyota's strategic way of thinking, as posted on the The Street.

The first one is competition; Volkswagen's scandal on diesel-emission had caused quite a stir in the whole diesel car industry. Volkswagen is now forced to undergo a huge initiative that de-emphasizes diesels and at the same time, to focus more on electric cars --- aiming for 25% of its output by the year 2025.

Another reason Toyota is forced to reconsider its manufacturing strategy is because of stricter environmental incentives being enforced by the globalist market today.

Toyota had already hinted its shift in direction, even unveiling plans for a new electric car that is set to be produced in numbers by 2020 and is most likely to be used with the new Toyota Batteries.

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