lithium-ion batteries

Volkswagen Golf Compact Hatchback: Gets Connectivity Upgrade as part of the All New Improved Package

The Golf Compact Hatchback is one of the best-selling cars. Refreshing the Golf with new features like connectivity that will keep it as a consumer favorite. Sedans and hatchbacks are getting retired to feature SUVs and crossovers. more

Ford Mustang SUV Goes Electric: Zero Emission Classic Muscle that is Cleaner and Meaner

Ford Mustang SUV Goes Electric: Zero Emission Classic Muscle that is Cleaner and Meaner

Think Ford Mustang, and it connotes iconic classic muscle cars that are V-6s or V-8 monsters. Ford will carry the name into the electric age and introduce this zero-emission E SUV. It will not be easy for the competition with a Raptor style styled look. Cleaner and meaner with electric motors that do not harm the environment more

Telsa Motors Opens New 'Supercharger' Station In Fremont, California

Tesla Gigafactory Photos Taken By Drone; Will It Make Tesla The World Leader In Green Cars? [VIDEO]

The Tesla gigafactory photos taken by a drone and released a few days ago revealed the extent of which the work in the gigafactory has progressed. Located in Spark, Nevada, the Tesla gigafactory stood out over the vast and barren land surrounding it. The factory is expected to step up production of Tesla cars in the midst of the rising popularity of environment-friendly, or green, cars. more

Toyota Car Engine

Toyota Batteries' Would Have More Range And Longer Life, Thanks To New Breakthrough

A new breakthrough in Toyota's battery technology would mean new batteries with better performance in the near future. more

LA Auto Show Previews New Models From Top Manufacturers

The Race for the Best Hybrid Car is On, Buick Velite Among the Latest Hybrid Concept Revealed in China

The Buick Velite was revealed at the Guangzhou Auto Show 2016. The Hybrid car carries features that would surely give interest to Hybrid cars enthusiasts. more

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla’s Gigafactory Needs New Lithium Suppliers

Tesla Motors is seeking to create new partnerships with lithium suppliers for its Gigafactory. more

Radio Flyer's Tesla Model S For Kids

Radio Flyer Unveils $499 Tesla Model S For Kids (VIDEO)

Radio Flyer is treating kids with a version of Tesla's popular Model S made just for them, and shipping will begin in May. more

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Elon Musk: Tesla To Build 500-Mile Electric Car, Produce Several Million Cars A Year

Tesla Motors is setting some pretty high goals for itself, with CEO Elon Musk revealing to billionaire Ron Baron the electric car maker’s plans for the next 10 years at the 2015 Baron Investment Conference in New York City last week. more

Tesla's Gigafactory

Tesla To Begin Production At Gigafactory Ahead Of Schedule

Tesla Motors announced Tuesday that it will begin production at its Gigafactory earlier than expected, more specifically by the end of 2016. more

University Of Cambridge's 'Breathing' Electric Car Battery

Cambridge Researchers Create 'Breathing Battery' For Long-Distance Electric Cars

A group of scientists is set on giving electric cars the ability to achieve the same distances as their diesel-powered counterparts with the creation of a lithium-oxygen battery. more

Tesla's Powerwall Lithium-Ion Battery

Tesla Installing Powerwall Home Batteries For Pilot Customers

Tesla Motors is making a select number of its lithium-ion batteries available to pilot customers for them to install in their homes. more

Dyson CEO Max Conze

Dyson May Be Working On Electric Car, CEO Says

Dyson is looking into a variety of ways to use its technology, one of them being the creation of its own electric car, CEO Max Conze has revealed. more

Tesla's Gigafactory Under Construction

Tesla Signs Deal To Obtain Lithium Supply For Gigafactory

Tesla Motors has signed a deal with mining companies Bacanora Minerals and Rare Earth Minerals in order to obtain a new source for the lithium-ion batteries it builds to power its electric vehicles. more

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