President Trump Mandatory-Noise Rule Effect Electric Cars Hyundai Ioniq

Nov 17, 2016 09:53 AM EST | Mark Yap


President-elect Trump's Mandatory-Noise Rule On Electric Cars is expected to be fully implemented once he has officially sworn into the office this upcoming 20th of January, the year 2017.

While better for the environment, electric cars potentially pose a lethal threat due to the lack of noise it emits. So the possibility of running over a pedestrian or crashing into other cars is high. It is a fact that people mainly rely on their senses, which would serve as a warning of incoming danger. It would even be a greater risk for people with sensory impairment, accordingto Green Cars report.

President-elect Trump's Mandatory-Noise Rule On Electric Cars is actually reasonable and greatly addresses the concern of pedestrian and passenger general safety. The NHTSA (The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) had already announced the ruling on Monday. The new ruling requires not just battery-operated electric cars, but even plug-in hybrids as well, to emit noises at speeds ranging from about 19mph to 30kph and above, Motor Authority reported.

This is regardless of whether the car is moving forward or even in reverse. This new ruling isn't just limited to electric cars, but also applies to all four wheeled vehicles that weigh approximately 4,535kg (10,000lb) or even less.

Once President-elect Trump's Mandatory-Noise Rule On Electric Cars fully takes effect, it would definitely affect most Electric Cars, except for a few exceptions. The Hyundai Ioniq, along with its hybrid counterpart, is an example of an electric car that would least likely be affected by this new ruling.

While hybrids are expected to already emit a certain level of noise just enough not to get affected by the new rule, that isn't the case with most pure electric cars. The Hyundai Ioniq, however, generates a certain wind noise while running fast, even if it isn't running at 200-mile full speed max. So the Hyundai Ioniq are one of the electric cars around that would least likely be affected by Trump's Mandatory-Noise Rule On Electric Cars.

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