electric vehicles

Electric Vehicles Cost Cheaper

Electric Cars Vs. Gas: EVs Will Cost Less Than Internal Combustion By 2030

There's a growing number of factories being constructed around the world that will supply production of electric vehicle parts. more

Subaru Joining EV Market

Subaru To Develop Electric Versions Of Its Current Car Models

Subaru acknowledges it doesn't have sky-high funds and resources as bigger carmakers but the company mulls entering the EV market as well. more

BMW Wants To Dominate Electric Car Sales

BMW To Focus On Boosting Its Electric Cars To Increase Car Sales

BMW made its bold commitment as it releases two new electric vehicles by 2020. more

First Volvo EV Will Have at Least 250 Miles of Range

Volvo's EV Will Be Built In China And Will Be Arriving In 2019

Volvo confirmed this week that it will build its first electric car in China and that it will offer the vehicle globally. more

Lucid Air Unveiling

Lucid Motors: The Company That Might Beat Tesla

Lucid Motors just lauched an electric car called Air that might be the end of Tesla cars. more

Porsche Mission E

All-Electric Porsche Mission E Could Become The Real Tesla Model S Killer: Faster Charging, Level 4 Autonomous Driving, & More

The upcoming all-electric Porsche Mission E sedan could be offered in different variants with different power levels. more

How Tesla Solved the Self-Driving Crash Ethical Dilemma

News Of 2018 Release Of The Tesla Model Y Mistaken But Results To Rise In Stock

News of the Tesla Model Y being released in 2018 was apparently a mistake but still didn't stop a rise in the company's stock. more

Volvo Concept 40.1 and 40.2 - WOOOW !!!

First Volvo EV To Take Down Tesla Model 3, Chevrolet Bolt EV When It Comes To Pricing & Mile Range

A new contender has entered the full-electric vehicle market and it aims to capture most buyers by offering a longer mileage and a competitive pricing. more

2017 Opel Ampera E

Opel Ampera E Gets Rated, Riding Impressions Revealed

Opel Ampera E was driven by journalists for a test drive and was labeled as that type of model that delivers on what is promised. However, will it still be sold in Europe? more

The GXE Corvette (a modified C6 Z06 Chevrolet Corvette)

Successfully Modified Corvette Runs On Electricity And Can Reach A Top Speed Of 205.6mph

The GXE is an all-electric vehicle is technically a modified C6 Z06 Chevrolet Corvette that can hit a top speed of 205.6 miles per hour. more

The all-electric Honda Clarity

Honda's All-Electric Clarity Said To Only Have A Disappointing 81-Mile Range And Priced The Same As The Bolt EV

Honda's all-electric Clarity has been reported to having only an 81-mile range but priced the same as the Chevrolet Bolt EV. more

The Porsche Mission E EV Concept

Porsche's Own Mission E Electric Vehicle To Launch In 2019 According to Executive

Porsche has announced that its Mission E all-electric vehicle will be launching sometime in 2019. This is according to Porsche China's president and CEO. more

Toyota i-TRIL

Toyota Teases New Electric Car Concept Ahead of Geneva Motor Show

Toyota’s latest concept is a foreground of what to expect with the future of electric cars. more

North American International Auto Show Features Latest Car Models

Chevrolet Bolt EV Roll Out Could Trigger The Boom Of The Electric Vehicle Market

The growing popularity of the Chevrolet Bolt EV could very well trigger a growth in the market for electric vehicles given its eco-friendly and power efficient appeal. more

BMW Will Launch Own Formula E Manufacturer Team

BMW Criticizes Australia Over Lack Of Electric Car Policies

German automaker BMW have criticized the Australian government for the latter’s somewhat lackluster support towards environment-friendly vehicles. BMW’s criticism over Australia’s policy came in after the car company released its i Performance vehicles in the country. more

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