Tesla Model Y To Debut Soon, Might Not Get Falcon Doors

Nov 14, 2016 06:00 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe

The Tesla Model Y, the next model that Tesla Motors will launch to the market really soon and whose development probably has already begun, may not have the popular falcon doors of the Tesla Model X. This is because of recent bad reviews and dozens of criticisms for the gullwing doors.

In October last year 2015, Tesla CEO Elon Musk launched a tweet stating that the Model 3 and Model Y will soon hit the market and that one of the two will have falcon doors. Well, the new Tesla Model 3 is made ready to start - although still not presented the commercial version - and does not have such doors. Therefore, it is clear that Musk was referring in that tweet about the Tesla Model Y.

However, after the different events that have taken place since last summer, Tesla Motors is in the position to decide to dispense or not use these doors in the new Tesla Model Y, according to Auto Evolution. Problems logging in or out of the car when another vehicle parked nearby. Not to mention the friction or shock that caused this kind of opening are reported and because of this, Consumer Reliability Reports also flagged Tesla as unrecommended.

The new crossover designed by Tesla Motors will have fairly compact dimensions when compared to its older brother seven - seater, the Model X. A complicating factor adapt this type of mechanism the size of the Tesla Model Y. While it may be practical to enter detail and exit the vehicle, if we consider all the information that is known about the new Tesla Motors vehicle we conclude that the company led by Elon Musk would practicality be ahead of aesthetics .

One of the main advantages to happen if the Tesla Model Y will have conventional rear doors is its obvious price reduction as well as gaining the trust of the people again.

It is still unknown when Tesla Model Y will come to market but the Daily Sun Knoxville reported that it will be soon. If we consider that the new Tesla Model 3 will not begin manufacturing until the next year 2017, we may see the Tesla Model Y before the end of this decade but it will not reach production until 2021.

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