Confirmed: Tesla Model S P100D Set To Be Much Faster

Nov 08, 2016 04:56 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe

Tesla Model S P100D is set to be much faster. That is according to Tesla CEO himself Elon Musk on his official twitter account where Tesla is reportedly working on an upgrade to uncork full performance of the P100D.

“There will be a P100D Ludicrous Easter egg soon that uncorks the full performance.” Musk said.

Musk's tweet coincided with the day that the Tesla Model S P90D and Tesla Model X P90D was discontinued. It may seem that in principle there is no correlation between the two events but one can think that Tesla wants to focus all its current efforts in this new model.

Tesla Model S P100D Aims To Be The Fastest

Despite being a model that was presented only a few months ago it seems that its creator has kept up his sleeve and will soon unveil new details that allow people to finally say that the Tesla Model S is the fastest car in the world. Currently, the Model S P100D sits as the third fastest (accelerating) production car worldwide falling just behind the LaFerrari, which was introduced back in 2013 and the Porsche 918 Spyder 2015. Will the new P100D earn the top spot this time?

The Tesla S P100D appeared in August 2016 and introduced himself as the fastest affordable car in the world and probably the fastest that people can afford, not counting the other two above because of its high price. To achieve this Tesla endowed an energy capacity that reaches 100 kWh, according to Digital Trends.

The hint is light on details, but considering the latest Ludicrous Mode update on the Model S P100D allowed the car to accelerate to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds - all while being fully electric, we can only imagine what’s on the way.

Tesla S P100D Sunroof Option

The Model S could incorporate a panoramic glass sunroof, able to capture light and convert the energy the car needs for movement. Musk also said that The new roof is very difficult to develop, but it is worth it as it makes the interior more amazing. It is presumed that this new element will be presented at the next event of the company, which is expected to take place in mid-2017, according to Drive.

The new panoramic glass roof is an option that is priced in the US at $1800 while the sunroof costs about $2200.

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