Tesla Model S and Model X P90D Killed Silently For A Stronger P100D Version With Glass Roof Option

Nov 07, 2016 07:51 AM EST | Mariechris Felipe

The Tesla Model S P90D and Tesla Model X P90D has been killed silently by Tesla. The disappearance of this version seems to suggest a forthcoming better and more powerful version of the P100D, occupying the space of the missing performance P90D version in both models. However, this also means a hefty price jump of about $45,000.

Glass Roof Option Available

Some news from Tesla Motors are widely presented and advertised in different media and social networks, however, others seem to come almost silently as has been the case with the new option of the panoramic glass roof and the disappearance of the Tesla Model S P90D and Tesla Model X P90D, according to Auto Blog.

Just a few days ago Tesla confirmed the creation of a new technology group exclusively to the development of glass roof. This new body has some of the most famous in this area, engineers even some from Apple, and has the task of researching and developing high-tech glasses, as they should be used in future models of the brand, as with the case of the Tesla Model 3, which has a huge panoramic roof of one piece containing the windshield and rear window.

Tesla so far has not detailed the new panoramic roof option already included in the configurator but is understood to have the same characteristics of the above sunroof option. In fact, it has the same price as the previous option, $1,500 for the sunroof and $2,000 for the panoramic sunroof option.

According to Tesla, these options are now available for sale and will reach dealerships in a few weeks, according to Car and Driver.

Higher Price For High-Performance Vehicles

Tesla had formerly discontinued their entry line 85 kWh battery pack earlier this year and now they had discontinued another like with the killing of Tesla Model S P90D and Tesla Model X P90D. The disappearance of the P90D version in both product lines of the Model S and Model S will leave a significant gap between the 90D and P100D versions. With a hefty price jump including $ 45,000 in the case of the Model S and 40,000 in the Model X.

Also to be noted is that the Ludicrous Speed Upgrade is not an option anymore and will come as a standard in both the sedan and SUV on the P100D variants. Although this means that one can experience the wonderful terror of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in just under three seconds, it also means a higher price with no option to not get it for those who want a P100D.

It is expected that a new non-P branded models will likely fill in Tesla's lineup soon. Expect the Sedan to have a range somewhere between 294 and 315 miles on one charge and to complete the sprint to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds. The same should hold true for the Model X, but with a range of roughly 270 miles.

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