Tesla Model Y, Tesla Pickup, Tesla Minibus To Debut Before 2020

Oct 29, 2016 08:50 AM EDT | Mariechris Felipe

Tesla Model Y, Tesla Pickup, Tesla Minibus and Tesla Semi Truck are the four next Tesla products to arrived after the Tesla Model 3. This is confirmed as part of Tesla CEO Elon Musk's plan to dominate all segment in the automotive industry and is expected to debut before 2020. Musk also assured that all future Tesla vehicles will have the appropriate hardware to have a full self-driving capability and longer autonomy.

"Currently we are present in two segments which [sic] are relatively small, the premium SUV and sedans. With the release of Model 3, an affordable sedan, we want to go further and produce a future crossover, a unique pickup and more," said Musk

Also included in Musk's masterplan is the ability for car owners to make money with their car when it is not being used. Musk wants Tesla to be more than just a car manufacturer and the idea of Musk may involve the creation of a similar service to Uber's now self-driving fleet but will be in the form of minibusses and semi trucks.

Musk promises to advance more details about his plans for the next year when the studies of future models should be shown. Meanwhile, let us take a look at the four new Tesla vehicles that will arrive in the next three years.

Tesla Model Y Crossover

Although its still not its official name, the future crossover of Tesla was dubbed the Model Y due to a statement made by Musk in a quarterly investor call that said the company’s four vehicles would follow the “S-E-X-Y” format. The Model S and X are already here while the Model 3, which will serve as the E will come next year. So the crossover will probably get the Y.

The Tesla model Y is said to be built on the same third generation platform as the Model 3 but will feature the same falcon door of the Model X. Although there is no news yet about the Model Y, sources are saying that it is already in the advanced stages of development and is said to be revealed soon, according to Electrek

Tesla Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks such as the Ford F1-series, Silverado and Ram Pickup dominate the US market for almost a decade now. And to tackle imposing emission levels, there's got to be a greener alternative to these pickup trucks and Tesla is ready to unveil one that will not sacrifice power yet be greener.

It is reported by Cheatsheet that Tesla pickup truck is already at the early stages of development and may be unveiled in six to nine months, which should end up mid-2017. People should just wait and see if Tesla can accomplish their promise.

Tesla Minibus

The Tesla Minibus is another future Tesla vehicle that is reportedly in the early development stage now and some of the work may already be complete as Musk said that it's based would be the Tesla Model X platform. It is also said to be inspired by the "Classic Californian Volkswagen Buses" but will optimize available space and operate without drivers.

Tesla Semi Truck

After announcing that Jerome Guillen, Tesla’s former Model S Program Director and VP of Vehicle Engineering will lead the development of a heavy duty all electric semi truck, there hasn't been much news yet about it. However, rest assured that one if on the way as Musk wants to be a part of a delivery system as well. For now, people can just check out the Cascadia truck program of Dalmier and imagine that it Tesla's semi truck may look the same as Guillen was one of the people who worked on the project.

Tesla came to the car market officially in 2008 with the Roadster. Past forward to today, it is one of the Top automotive brands in the US today and with the launch of the Model 3, Tesla will even be more powerful than ever. People are excited to see the new additions of Tesla as well and expect the Tesla Model Y to be unveiled real soon.

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