Green Cars News: Why Do Electric Cars Exist? Find Out Here!

Oct 20, 2016 09:11 AM EDT | Louise

With the rapid growth of automotive manufacturers developing new high end and modified cars, high-end cars such as supercars or hypercars bring a big toll of problems to the environment. Not only did it affect the lives of many people, but it also destroys the ecosystem and the ozone layers.

That is why some of the car manufacturers came up with a solution to these environmental problems by creating and producing Hybrids, also known as Green Cars. These cars run on electric, by just charging it to its maximum power. It does give as much carbon dioxide compared to the cars that run on fuel.

Electric cars are a new innovative invention, although it is not as quite as popular as the fast cars, monster trucks and other types of luxury vehicles. But in the near future, these cars will be the newest trend. Prices of fuel are getting high and in some other countries it is getting out of hand with the rapid increase of fuel price

The main reason for these type of car to exist is due to the fact that it runs on battery, using electric to maneuver. You can charge it when it's running low or change the battery with a fully charged one. There also another variation of the Green Car, a fully environmental friendly vehicle that does not run on electric, but it uses a different kind of fuel or alternative fuel that produces less harmful damage to the environment comparing it to conventional combustion engine automotive that runs on diesel or gasoline.

The Green Car still gives the driver or user the same exact benefits of a regular gasoline running vehicle. The design also has variation from luxury to the regular class that can run up to 500 miles per charge.

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