‘Star Wars’: Video Games' New Details, What You Can Look Forward To

Oct 14, 2016 04:30 AM EDT | Louise


No one can't get enough of The Force, it is like an infection that started on 1977, that spread throughout nations, and countries far and wide, a never ending virus that is incurable.  The latest franchise of the movie was released last December 2016 and the fans just went gaga over the latest craze, even fast food chains are including tumblers and toys over combo meals, the social media is filled with the Star Wars craze.

Electronic Arts (EA) took the opportunity into their own hands and published a game called Star Wars: Battlefront, a first and third-person shooter game, a reboot to the previous games. The game was a huge success, selling about 13 million copies worldwide despite the lack of content in the story, but overall the game was of high-quality visuals. But it won't end there because Visceral Gaming (EA owned company) is taking over.

Visceral Games have been developing the upcoming Star Wars games for the past 2-years, the company is holding details about the game, and there is no way they are spilling the juice to the public. But there are rumors floating that the company has been dropping hints from time to time, and here is what we know: It is said to be a 3rd-person shooter, open-world game that includes heroes, boss and a lot of foes.

The concept of the game is to bring the game to a higher level of gameplay, with high-quality of visuals that are similar to the Assassin's Creed 2. Although Visceral Games have not mentioned when the actual game will be released, but they did assure that it will be in a few years.

The fans are in a close watch for the newest project, and they are keeping tabs of the latest updates, although they are in doubt if the game will be actually released because they could never forget the cancellation of the Star Wars 1313 game, that brought about the disappointment of Star Wars fanatics.

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