Final Fantasy XV: Release Date, Game Play and Why it is Coveted

Oct 14, 2016 04:16 AM EDT | Staff Reporter


The much awaited Final Fantasy XV is nearing each and every gamers reach. A brief overview for all those newbies out there, if you are wondering why this game causes a lot of uneasy, impatient gamers to fuss about the newest game, here is why.

The Final Fantasy is a science fiction, fantasy RPG game that is a stand-alone game phase in every series with recurring characters, plots and elements. The game play is about heroes battling the antagonists to fight a greater evil, while fighting their own demons as well their relationships.  The first Final Fantasy was released on December 18, 1987. Don't judge the game yet, it may be old but the game story is relatively new, modern and futuristic with a touch of medieval. If you take a little detour to the older stories the game graphics is not probably something you want to play on nor want to get involved with, but it wasn't the visuals that the majority of the gamers got addicted to but it was the plot itself.

The Final Fantasy XV, is an open-world game, that leaves you a lot of choices. The main theme of the game is still a fantasy but is based on reality. The setting is based on the real world, the characters are developed to be more realistic, more humanly as possible with less those of fantasy features.

The developers are creating the game based on a seventh-generation gaming hardware. An upscale gaming experience with 30fps time frame and 1080 pixels. The developers stated that they used a bone-based simulation technology for the clothing for a more accurate and realistic movements. After all they created 150 bones for the face alone, 300 for the hair.

November 2016, is the initial release of the latest Final Fantasy installment. Avid fans are already riling up FFXV forums about the game release.

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