Audi A4: The New Car That Will Replace SUVs

Oct 20, 2016 08:45 AM EDT | Louise

Audi, a German car company known for producing a wide variety of super-fast and luxurious cars that overwhelms buyers all over the world. Now, yet again Audi is producing another line of a car that will please and meet every customer satisfaction.

Audi A4 Sedan, the newest model of Audi that is marked to replace SUVs. It is quite remarkable for a Sedan to be able to compete an SUV let alone be capable of standing against it. It may sound fancy but as far as Audi is concerned the Audi A4 is a sexy beast.

The Performance

Audi A4 does not fall behind when it comes to speed, the new sedan will be running on a 2.0-liter engine, accelerating up to 252 horsepower. It can drive up to zero to 60 mph within 5.7 seconds on Quattro all-wheel drive, blasting off on any track whether it will be a smooth or rough road. The suspension is based on sports type SUV. The suspension is a modified set-up that has an option to lower the car's height by 23 mm for more precise handling.

The best spec it can offer is the seven-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission 273 lb turbocharged DOHC and 16 valve 1-4. The spunky feature of the car can be changed from luxurious to monster driving fitted vehicle just by adjusting the switch.

Exterior and Interior Look

The whole body frame still looks the same as the previous Audi A4 with a few tweaks. It will much wider and higher, and more elegant curves on the hood. The headlights are brighter and slicker. The grill is expanded a little. Although the car profile has not changed that much, the main point is to make it look the same in a more revitalized aspect.

The interior covers more space than an SUV would. A wider view from the front windshield, more space for the legs to stretch, elegant dashboard and top of the line modern specs featuring a virtual deck, the entire dashboard can transform into a navigational system where you can enlarge the map anytime you want.

The System and How it Works

The Audi A4 also features a two division first system namely the Turn Assist and Exit Assist. When the driver decides to turn left at an intersection, the Turn Assist feature will automatically detect the approaching traffic, it will decide if you have room to turn or not. It will supply a brake feedback in riposte. Meanwhile, Exit Assist works the opposite, it uses a radar to detect other vehicles, people or any objects coming from behind by opening its doors using a warning signal light to prevent the passengers from getting hit.

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