Ariel Makes Prototype Fan-Assisted 'Sucker Car,' Calls It The 'Vacuum Cleaner'

Sep 15, 2016 04:23 AM EDT | Eve C.

Ariel, a British sports automaker, created a prototype fan-assisted car which is dubbed in two names: the "sucker car" and the "vacuum cleaner."

A Modern Take on the Fan Car

This eccentric invention is inspired from both the 1970 Chaparral 2J racer and the Gordon Murray-designed Brabham BT46B "fan car." According to Car and Driver, the latter was used during the 1978 Formula 1 championships.

Ariel founder Simon Saunders admitted that the idea is not new. Their first creation was the Atom AERO-P, which uses fans to create a low-pressure area underneath the car.

Furthermore, this fan-assisted sports vehicle has the ability to generate significant downforce, even when stationary. The system of the "vacuum cleaner" is already generating around three times as much downforce as compared to the previous invention.

Few Details, a Lot of Interest

These details are the only ones available when it comes to its features. However, the online blog is hoping that Ariel could come up with a catchy name such as a "TARDIS-style" acronym for Aerodynamic Efficiency Requirements and Optimization Project."

But for months, the car company has been making headlines because of the upcoming model. While the information about it is still scarce, many car websites are speculating the specifications as well.

For example, Car Buzz reported a couple of months ago that Ariel will borrow some technology from the NSX. 

"The technology in the NSX is cutting-edge and expensive, but it will work its way down the food chain to the hot hatches. At that point, it becomes achievable for us to use in the Atom," Saunders said. 

The upcoming hybrid model might be electrically powered as well. They are focusing more on emission than the outer design.

Ariel is yet to confirm the speculations about the exciting, fan-powered, and modern sports vehicle. More updates about Ariel's upcoming sports car very soon here at Auto World News

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