The Bugatti Chiron and Factoids Why This Supercar Is Simply Amazing

Dec 24, 2019 05:33 AM EST | Staff Reporter

The Bugatti Chiron and Factoids Why This Supercar Is Simply Amazing
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The Bugatti Chiron is one of the most sought after cars. Here is why everyone wants a piece of it.

Supercars are one of a kind road machines that exist for one thing only, to go fast. What it really means is to own the road and burn rubber leaving other cars in the dust. One thing else about this dream car is that it is ultra-exclusive, mere people cannot own one but a select few only. The Bugatti Chiron is the stuff of dreams are made off, most could look afar only.

Those privileged to lay their backs on the plush and upholstered Italian seat are only a few. Next up are the specs that drive this monster two-seater like no other car. Under the Chiron's hood is the incredible engine that it has, and does not share with any other car. This car puts out 1,479 horses and with 1,180 lb-ft torque. Compared to the Veyron this is will outclass it two to one, without sweating a piston too.

The total number of Chirons made a year, that is only 500 cars for a select clientele. Better yet are the grabby fingers waiting to snap up the Chiron, the only catch is there is a waiting list. Bagging one is a real privilege and to be one of the 500, that speaks for individual status. A rundown of factoids that make this car something to own and keep.

The owner of this rocket is sure to come close to the land speed record, a maximum speed of 300 mph. One of the fastest production cars to own, this would make short work of any autobahn. This is the fastest anyone can travel, short of riding a jet but this car is really fast.

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 All of its 100 liters full of petrol can be emptied in just 7 minutes, that shows how powerful the engine is. This is one of the few cars to do be such a gas-guzzler, and it put the SUV, one of the first gas-guzzlers on wheels. Better make sure to bring mobile tanker with this car, everywhere it goes. If anyone wants to one, better make sure that money is on hand for fill-ups.


 The design is one of a kind and unique compared to other cars, and one of the most beautiful cars ever designed. That is a classic auto design that cannot be compared. it will be a modern classic for the well-heeled driver.


 Before the car is even sold, this 24-karat value in an automobile that has dibs on it. Wait for the line because 250 VIPs are waiting to get theirs, feel lucky maybe one order is forgone by not likely. The next guy in line is waiting, but sometimes getting lucky is possible. Each car is $1 million when sold by one dealership only.


 Compared to other supercars this one used Titanium, one of the most indestructible metals on earth. Its exhaust is finishers are made of this exotic metal, to push emissions far from the car's rear end. Rare are cars that get these materials used for any part, but the Chiron is special.

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